August 29, 2018 at 10:19 am

Best budgets bikes in India

In India, the two-wheeler market has taken off over the past few years and almost every individual owns a two-wheeler now. Among the two-wheelers, bikes are the ones that are in demand and sell the most; with some proper research one can pick and buy an amazing bike. The Indian market has a lot of different bikes to offer to its customers, but not all bikes fall into the “affordable” category. There are quite a lot of bikes that cost more than a lakh, so not everyone can afford to buy these bikes. KTM bikes are one of the most expensive bikes and are basically for racing, the KTM RC 390 is one such popular bike that is around 2.25 lakhs but driving a bike like this is quite a thrilling experience.

Those who are not into racing and want to buy a budgeted bike then there are quite a few options to choose from. So if you want to purchase a bike and have a fixed budget then here are a few bikes for you that are known for their price and good performance.

The best-budgeted bikes to buy

  • Hero Splendour Plus- Hero Splendour plus is known to be a perfect bike for those who like to commute in style. Splendour is a well-known name and Splendour plus is the latest version of this name. It has an electric starter option and it also comes with a single-cylinder engine, which gives great mileage. The Hero bike’s are known for being fuel efficient and also for giving high mileage and Splendour plus is a proof of their high quality bikes at a very affordable price. Its price is Rs. 45,753 onwards, which is quite reasonable.
  • Bajaj CT100- Bajaj is an old and a well-known brand in India, it has some of the best selling bikes to its name. This bike is known for its fuel-efficiency and high mileage with a top class speed and is priced around 31,098. For the budget buyers, this bike is definitely worth the money.
  • Passion pro I3S by Hero- Budgeted as well as a premium bike is what passion pro stands for. It is stylish, attractive and is known for its high mileage and obviously the price that it comes at. The passion pro is low-maintenance as compared to the other bikes of the same price and features in the market. The price of this bike is around Rs. 53,350 onwards.
  • Yamaha Saluto RX- Don’t want to ride a heavy bike? Then this bike by Yamaha is perfect as it is lightweight and affordable at the same time. It is quite an efficient 110cc bike that is known for its speed and the mileage that it gi

All these bikes are the best-budgeted bikes to buy in India if one is not keen on buying a bike like the KTM RC 390. The prices of these bikes can differ a bit, but you can do a proper research and study before buying any one of these.

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