July 15, 2019 at 5:44 am

Gel Manicures are Actually Bad For You Nails: Is it a Truth or a Lie?

Suddenly heard about some weird beauty gossips in the salon? They say gel manicure can cause flaky nail beds and yellow-stained nails. Or perhaps, just a manicurist error?

This article is written to put an end to those weird beauty gossips that you probably heard at the salons, or from the other beauty lovers. So calm down, take a deep breathe and look at your beautiful nails. Do you think this beautiful color of your nails is bad for you or not?

To know the answer to your question, keep on scrolling down and read on!

Difference between Gel Manicures to a Regular Nail Polish

Gel manicures technology is unique, the gel has a chemical composition which enables it to harden to a glossy finish with the use of a UV light. Using this advanced technology on your nails can prevent you from spending your precious time to wait for the polish to dry.

UV Threat Is Not That Scary

Gel manicures require the use of the UV light regardless if it is UVA lamp or LED lamp. Mostly believe that using UVA lamp or LED lamp can cause skin damage and even can strengthen the growth of the cancer cells. But this hearsay is not true, a study has been found that skin cancer risk in using these devices doesn’t increase your chance of developing a skin cancer.

Other Gel Manicures

So calm down, that gossip is a lie. However, if you really don’t like the UV lights, you can apply a sunscreen 15 minutes before having exposure to these devices. These can save your skin from the aging effects of the UV light, and by the way, that is a fact. UV lights have an aging effect on your skin so make sure to apply a sunscreen every day.

Other Gel Manicures Are More Alarming Compared to Others

Shocked? To be honest, there are two types of Geles constructores in the salons – soft gels and hard gels. Hard gels are the traditional gels from the ’80s that can only be removed by acetone with aggressive scraping. On the other hand, soft gels are the newer type of gel manicure, it can be easily removed without aggressive scraping.

Therefore, hard gels are more damaging compared to soft gels, though soft gel nail polish can also cause some issues because your nails need to be soaked in the acetone for a couple of minutes. But don’t worry, it is not that alarming compared to hard gels.

All Type of Manicures Can Damage Your Nails

Yeah, that is true, especially if someone painted your nails without precautions. Not only that, but according to the study, gel manicure is the main cause of nail thinning. Actually, the most damage is from the removal process, especially if the manicurist expert doesn’t follow the information written on the product’s instruction.

With all the information mentioned above, it doesn’t mean to swear off all gel manicures for the rest of your life, however, if you are that worried on the possible nail damage, you can take some precaution before doing so. Ask the manicurist what product they will be used in removing the polish, avoid gritty file, sander, or other scraping tools that can vigorously scrape the polishes off.

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