April 29, 2019 at 5:46 am

4 things consider before you take your printer to a printer service and repair center

Faulty non-functioning gadgets are definitely the most irritating things in the world. They do not work properly when they are most needed and they seem to work fine all the other time. If the printer(s) in your office or home have stopped working when they had to work at the best, probably it is time to take it to a printer and service repair centre. But it is not that easy. To ensure that your printer is safely repaired, there are a few things that you need to consider before entrusting that centre with the responsibility of repairing your valuable printer. So, here we go with 4 things to look for in a printer service and repair centre.

#1 Look up for any obvious reasons for your printer not working properly

There might be a misaligned cartridge or a used up cartridge making it not printing the quality that it used to. Also, there might be a faulty power supply or some software problem stopping it from functioning well. Check out for these obvious and simple defects and try to rectify them yourself before looking out for a professional.

You can also take the help of online discussion forums of your company with your problem and see what people with similar problems have done to correct their printers. Try them out (if they are not too risky) and see if this works.

#2 Look up the company website for the authorised service dealers in your area

Every company selling e-products will have dealerships for service in almost all the major areas in a city. So, look up your printer’s company website for the authorised service centres or call the company’s customer care service and ask them for the address of authorised service centres. Always get your printer serviced and repaired from these centres for two reasons – first, the company will be liable to any damages caused during the service and second, your warranty will be applicable only if you get it serviced by a company-authorised service person/firm.

So, if your product is still in the warranty period and it is not working properly, chances are good that your products will be repaired or replaced for free of costif approached through the authorised dealer or service centres.

printer service and repair

#3 Check the parts that are covered or not covered in the warranty

This is usually printed very clearly in the user manual and the warranty cards as to what products are covered under the warranty and what is not. For example, in a printer, the complementary cartridges that come with the printer and all the other cartridges that you purchase later are not covered under warranty.

If the damaged part is covered under warranty, you need not pay for the replacement of those parts when your product is under warranty period.

#4 Reputation of printer and service repair centres

If you cannot take your printer to an authorised service centre and are planning to take it to a local service person, first look-up his/her reputation online and go through the reviews and comments. Proceed only after you are convinced that the person will return your printer in a better condition.

So, these are a few things that you need to consider before taking your printer to a printer service and repair. All the best!!

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