January 11, 2019 at 11:41 am

6 Tips To Build A Loyal Customer Base

Truth be told, a customer has a lot of options when choosing a business and they don’t even have to tell their friends about how amazing you products and services are.

But if you work hard enough to earn their trust, you will get rewarded with the same in return. For any company out there, retaining old customers is a daily challenge.

As it is with any industry, gaining new customers is difficult than maintaining the ones you already have.

But, by incorporating the 8 tips given below, having a well-planned strategy will help you build a loyal customer base and that will make a world of difference in the way you conduct business.

1. Be dependable

Dependability arises from consistent follow-ups and proper execution. So, improve your product’s quality and standardize your services. For example at McDonald’s, they typify the dependability of product quality in their standardization.

Everyone knows that if they go to a McDonald’s outlet anywhere in the world, he or she is bound to get the same fries and Big Mac.

Dependability helps you get ‘repeat’ business. So, become your industry’s McDonalds and assure your customers that no matter the time and season they will always get quality services or products from you.

2. Be believable

Believable is enhanced by showing that you completed the tasks just the way you said it will be done. Do not have any hidden agenda behind any task. Your customers already know that you are running a business, only to gain profit, so, don’t attempt to imply that you are doing a business just for the sake of it.

Showcase the clear value that your customers will receive from you and keep reminding them of the same.

3. Be responsive

Be concerned about your customer’s sense of urgency. Always provide updates to your customers about the information they need, like delivery schedules, shipment tracking and so on. Take advantage of the online age if you are going to provide such services because today people expect such services from you.

 Ensure that all your employees understand the value of every single customer. Be prepared with an aggressive customer recovery plan. Teach your employees how to recover a lost customer, even if the costs involved seems high at the time.

Give your employees enough power to make the right decision in lieu of customers needs and not only the company wants.

4. Show empathy

It is very essential that you understand your customer’s emotions and mirror them. Reassure your customers if they seem worried. If a customer feels excited about a product, share the same level of excitement with them via email, social media posts or by replying to their comments.

You may use the customer’s language to engage more with them and build a strong relationship.

 Understand your customer’s kinesthetic, auditory and visual sensory preferences. Establish a good rapport with them by listening to their keywords. If a customer prefers a visual representation, show them the information visually; if the preference is auditory, provide them with a recording; if the preference is kinesthetic, let them feel the service or product.

5. Hire good employees

Hire employees by not just looking at their skillset but also by taking their emotional intelligence into consideration. Hire employees with good attitudes and upbeat personalities and then teach them the skills they will need for the job. For this, you will have to steal the talent from the market.

If you find a particular candidate exceptionally good, consider giving them a prominent position in your company. Make a file of such candidates and reach out to them, don’t wait for them to apply.

6. Make everything easy for customers

Check out for flaws in your system by carrying out regular audits. Ask customers if they find anything difficult. Pay attention to such problems and solve them as soon as you can. Reduce formalities and paperwork wherever you can and lessen the burden on customers.

You may also go ahead and change the delivery pattern or consider some alternatives for it. Ask for a feedback after providing the service and/or products and also ask if there’s anything they feel should be changed or modified.

 While you are working hard to build a loyal customer base, show them that you value them and their loyalty by sending across letters thanking them for sticking with you.

Add surprise gifts in the kitty like promotional pens, key chains and 3D printed toys with customization to give it a personal touch.

We hope the above-shared tips help you build a loyal customer base, one that will grow with you and your brand with time!

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