July 8, 2017 at 6:51 am

A seamless checkout experience for easy shopping

Fierce competition in the online shopping segment

 Online shopping is fun with so many attractive offers and varieties available at your fingertips. With a wide availability of smartphones and improved internet facilities across the world, online shopping is on the rise. New advanced technologies are introduced in the online space every other day and numerous shopping sites are competing to grab a share of profit by adding more customers. The aim is to provide the best user experience and build a strong customer base. But, with the huge competition comes certain responsibilities too. The shopping site owners are now realising the need to retain the loyal customers and are trying their best to implement various techniques for that purpose. The shopify apps guarantee a superior user experience that helps the sellers to gain popularity and carve a niche for themselves.

Identify genuine buyers and retain them with Skip Cart

 However, with so many online shopping sites and e-commerce portals, customers stick with a selected few sites that have provided them a good shopping experience previously. Most of the online customers search through various shopping apps to compare or to pass time. Very few of them actually buy a product they like. So, most of the users have a cart full of items that they rarely order. They also keep replacing new items in the cart or the wish list. This particular phenomenon is called cart abandonment which is a great concern for the online sellers. A study has been conducted to understand this typical consumer behaviour. The outcome of the study says that most of the customers find the checkout process to be unnecessarily long. They enjoy the quick selection process and adding them to the cart but once they want to place an order, there is a lengthy procedure to follow. Skip Cart is a new tool introduced recently to take care of this particular issue. It is an excellent tool that directly leads the customer to the checkout page giving them a seamless and quick shopping experience. It is available in shopify apps and the sellers can now segregate the genuine buyers from the rest.

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