June 11, 2016 at 7:05 am

Different Types Of Scaffolding

For any type of building construction there is a need for scaffoldings to be installed to make the job easier of the people working at the construction site. Scaffoldings are sturdy structures that are made out of either bamboo, timber or even still for a temporary period of time so that the building process can be made easy. One of the reasons as to why scaffoldings are built id because it makes for a great platform which is rigid enough to hold mason workers while they work at different levels of heights, and not only that, these structures go a step further in helping to lift heavy material up to different heights diminishing the commute to go all the way down to collect material. Given below are different kinds of scaffolding.

Single scaffolding

This is a type of structure made out of bamboo that has members vertically attached firm into the ground parallel to the wall of the building so that it cannot be moved. According to standards, there has to be a distance of three metres between each member. These already attached bamboo is now connected to more members that a placed horizontally, while the ledgers are then tied up to the members at every 120 centimetre. A rope lashing is then used. This is used to tie up the members and ledgers together to create a strong structure. These structure tend to be rather high, therefore to be able to maintain its sturdiness, diagonal members called braces are added to provide additional support.


Double scaffolding

This type of scaffold hire is done to be able to get a much sturdier structure than the single scaffoldings and is mostly used for stone masonry. A double scaffolding structure usually has two sets of standards attached to the ground as opposed to one. The first standard is fixed rather close to the wall whereas the other is further away to be able to provide a certain balance. For more rigidness of the structure as its height increases, putlogs are added at the end of each ledger. This structure is considered to be independent from the building and does not cause any damage to the wall because it doesn’t require for any hole to be made, that may disrupt the building process.

Steel scaffolding

People opt to go for swing stage rental of this nature because it gets the mix of both single and double scaffolding together, with a few differences in place. This particular structure is made out of steel instead of bamboo or timber that are usually of 50 to 70 mm in diameter. As opposed to the use of rope lashing to make the structure stronger, different kinds of steel coupled together are used to make the structure secure. This structure too is independent, because it is attached to a base plate on the ground. Some of the benefits of using this structure is, it can be easily removed, it lasts much longer than structures made out of timber and it’s fire resistant.

Needle scaffolding

This type of structure is only required to be build when there is no possibility of fixing the standards onto the ground, when construction of a building is done on a side of a busy road, and when a sturdy structure has to be built in order to accommodate the sheer height of certain building constructions. This structure does not need to be fixed onto the ground and can be installed anywhere at a given height. The only thing that is keeping the platform up is a needle like timber structure that is equipped to hold the heavy structure for long periods of time.

If there ever comes a day where you have to assist a construction of a building, make sure you know what sort of scaffoldings that have to be used according to the type of building that is being built.

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