December 19, 2018 at 8:14 am

Don’t be caught out with these common home issues this winter

No one wants to have to fix problems with their home while it is cold outside, so be prepared for these five common issues this winter.

Check your roof

Keep an eye out for loose roof tiles, water lying on a flat roof, or blocked guttering. Fix any issues you spot sooner rather than later, as water leaking through your roof or walls can cause expensive damage to the fabric of your home and make it mouldy and unhealthy for you to live in.

Trim back trees

In windy weather, trees often suffer broken branches and are sometimes blown down entirely; therefore, it pays to regularly check any that overhang or are close to your house. A tree surgeon can remove anything that is unsafe or diseased and could potentially come down in bad weather and cause damage to your home.

Boiler Servicing Gloucester

Service your boiler

You do not want to be without hot water or heating if your boiler fails in winter, so make sure you have scheduled a regular Gloucester boiler service from an expert such as to put your mind at rest. Boiler engineers can help you to understand how to best use your boiler to give you the heating you need while keeping your energy bills to a minimum. If a company services your boiler regularly, it will more likely to quickly fix any problems that crop up.

Insulate your pipes

The Energy Saving Trust recommends insulating your hot water tank and pipes to save around £5 each year on the energy bill for an average three-bedroom house, with extra savings from any repair bills you will prevent now that your pipes will not be freezing and bursting in cold weather.

Cut out draughts

Use insulating strips around your windows and doors and hang warm curtains to prevent any draughts getting into your house and pushing up your heating bills. 46 per cent of people have still not insulated their windows and doors, which can be quick and easy to do with simple DIY materials.

Follow these five tips for winter-proofing your home and you can be confident that you will be able to enjoy cosy days and nights without worrying about the winter weather and escalating heating costs.

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