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There is a tough time in making the right choice about the substrate that can be used for printing the important details and to give the cards the best-personalized look. Especially in the case of the new state driver’s license, there is a need to have a proper check that the material is of the kind that it has the property of the highest resistivity against attacks. There must also be other security features that they cannot be further reproduced. To make all these criteria fulfilled, there is a necessity to go with the proper material.


Teslin substrate can be considered tie be the material that can possess the highest security in terms of the synthetic paper as well as the label stock. The material is also manufactured in the way that the material can possess the capability of over passing. The property of being waterproof, as well as durable, is also yet another feature that can be used for any kind of printing like the lithographic printing and digital printing.

Teslin fake id


There are a number of extraordinary features that can make the Teslin fake is the most special ones.

  1. There is an option to go with the replicating UV features with the use of Teslin.
  2. It is the most compatible material with any kind of ink.
  3. There is also extraordinary properties of the ink-related security.
  4. There is security in terms of the locking of images as well as the other vital information which can keep the card protected also in the worst environmental conditions.


Teslin fake id is a popular product due to the simple reason that’s us quite easy to be manufactured. The casual counterfeiter that is used is totally relying on the ink jet printing technique that can be used for the purpose of mimicking and also the simulation of the artwork of the genuine artwork. The results that are obtained are however a bit shoddy.

There is, however, a major downside of the Teslin cards that is totally dependent on the adhesives and lamination. So, they are easily available to the Counterfeiters who can easily get the lamination peeled off and there is a breach of the information.


Teslin is the common material that can be used with the US driver’s licenses. They are all offset printed that may also include the features of secure printing that is fine-line detailed in nature. They are also featured with the rainbow, guilloche and  other micro texting features. Personalization features are added to the Teslin cards with the the help of the color laser printers. Just after the printing, there is an option o get the cards laminated, that can make it be loaded with the securities. There are also other options to make the cards to be added with the features of embossing and holographic lamination.


However, with the printing of the Teslin cards, one must be careful that there are certain cases of fraud. With all the best features that are loaded with the Teslin material, one can get the best laminated cards.

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