April 11, 2016 at 6:23 am

What is a rashan card?

A rashan card is nothing but a simple document issued in public interests by the authority of a state government.  People use the rashan card for fulfill the needs in spending less amount. In formal terms the rashan card is termed as a family card too. A person using this card gets lots of benefits. The use of this rashan cards is to purchase the daily require goods for the household purposes. A person can easily fill application form to get the rashan card. To get the rashan card one must be eligible to fill application of this. Even you must have all the necessary documents that are needed for the verification purpose of the applicant. Even there is no need of doing much expenditure on getting the rashan card. Just you need to spend the 3 to 15 rupees. This card plays legal role in getting the commodities at reasonable rates to the needy person. Even, the rashan card acts as a tool for the identification purpose of a person also.  The main benefit that person gets using the rashan card is in saving the money on the basic needs of materials that you use in your house.


Benefits of rashan card-

  1. Gaining profit- The rashan card offers the person who is purchasing the essential commodities for the house hold purpose at the subsidized rates. It simply means that a person purchasing the good items for the daily purpose gets the items from the fair price shop at lower rates. A person need not have to spend more money on purchasing of these items.
  2. It is used for the Identification purposes also- The rashan card also acts as an important tool for the identification purposes. A person while travelling in train can carry the card as a proof of identity of a person. The person can use this card as in electoral rolls, applying for driving license, getting sim cards of mobiles and passports and many more too.

Who and how can apply for the rashan card?

A person who permanently resides a place and desires to have rashan can get issued by authority of state government. One has to download and fill the form correctly and submit to state government to issue the card. You need to have document for identification like electricity or water bill, Voter ID card, etc for getting it.

A person can use the rashan card for the benefits in purchasing commodities by spending 3 to 15 rupees only.

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