January 17, 2018 at 5:25 am

Why Investing in BPM Tools for Analytics is a Smart Idea

Do you have difficulty understanding your customer and require a systematic way to analyse the market? You might already be collecting more useful data, and it can be used to highlight the interests of your customer base.

By proper data analysis, you can make informed decision to improve customer relations and marketing strategies. CRM systems collect data in a variety of ways, asit gathers the data from different open sources and even social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Read the rest of this article to find out why CRM tools are a great investment for the analytics department of your company.

Understand your customer better

Figuring out what your customers like and don’t like is important for any business. It allows you to understand what products to add and remove from your product range to match the demand. Blindly executing your brand vision with no regard for what your customers are saying would be like shooting yourself in the foot.

A CRM system allows you to collect data, which can be used to determine what products or marketing material is effective, and what isn’t working. The depth of detail is a beneficial aspect of CRM systems like bpm’online. Also, the data capture process is scalable, which is perfect for a business that’s looking to increase in size.

Reduce marketing costs

One of the biggest expenditures for a company is the marketing department. A targeted marketing campaign is ideal to ensure that each marketing dollar is spent with maximum return. Fortunately, analytical tools can help figure out if campaigns aren’t working. Modifications can be made to campaigns in real time to improve performance – even before a campaign has finished running.

The process of continuingly using analytical data to improve campaign performance can save a lot of money for the marketing department. The CRM tools on offer can be used to automate and therefore scale a marketing plan. This is excellent for those companies that are aggressively trying to increase the size of their business.

Better internal communication

CRM platform ensures customer data capture, customer account management, etc.This means different departments of your company can have better internal communication. When data is captured by one system across many locations the chances of a duplicate data entry is lower.CRM systems also have the functionality to check data accuracy at the point of entry.


Your customers can be segmented into groups based on how ready they are to buy a product. CRM tools allow you to complete segmentation based on your company objectives.

Segmenting the list is advantageous because you can better match up each customer with the offer that’s going to be most effective.


From the benefits above it’s easy to see why CRM tools help with the analytics of your data. Staying on top of incoming data can be hard if the infrastructure in place cannot accurately organize it. CRM systems like bpm’online have evolved over the years to provide a number of useful analytical tools for businesses.

The cost of investing in analytical BPM tools is worth it as the return will be much higher. Due to the improvements in efficiency of data handling and customer understanding, the profitability of your company will reach new heights.


BPM tools help with analytics by improving data organization,provide real-time feedback and allow new marketing opportunities to be spotted.

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