August 1, 2016 at 11:12 am

Finding a job that makes you happy

We live in a world where society encourages us to go to college straight after high school or choose to start working at a full time job after high school if we choose not to go to college. From the day that most people start working at their first jobs, they work nonstop without too much of a break to speak of until the day that they retire many years later and often find that in all of their years of work, they have not managed to collect much money and have rarely had the opportunity to explore the world or enjoy life. This is called the rat race. It is compared to when a rat in a cage runs for hours on his wheel, imagining that he has run for miles, only he has been running in the same place with no improvement and no progress. Sadly, this is what life has been life for most of the last generation and will be like for the younger generation. However, today the new generation is not afraid to take risks and step out of the rat race even if that means they will not have a job or an income for a short while much to the disapproval of their parents.


Starting your own business

There really is nothing more satisfying that having your own business and being your own boss, even if you are only doing a small job such as being a self-employed builder Mosman. It has been noted that those young people who are not working for a company are very much happier in their lives and therefore have the opportunity to up the ladder much faster than the average full time worker.

Another point to be noted is that a self-employed builder who does not continuously have work will still earn more money in a month than one who is working under a company in addition to having a lot of free time to take care of their own personal needs.

It is important to earn money doing what you love in order to not feel like you are working and therefore be less stressed out. Being your own boss means that you will be more motivated to do better in life and work harder unlike when you are working under a boss because then the boss gets all the credit and the extra money for your hard work. Another way to do this, is to earn money doing work on the internet on freelancer sites where you control how much you earn.

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