February 2, 2018 at 7:35 am

Pre-employment screening and personality tests

When it comes to hiring a candidate for any position lying vacant in the organization, it becomes important for the HR to check out his/her personality. If the candidate after handing over the flawless resume to the HR gives out a confident, strong, handshake, then it reflects his strong and confident personality. But the question that is asked by many HR is how to dig a bit deeper to understand if the person is the best match to apply for the position.

Importance of personality inventory test

It is for this reason that the catalyst for growing popularity of taking personality tests of the applicant is quite crucial. The HRs are found to crave for deriving more incisive character evaluation method instead of simply handshaking and scrutinizing the dress. Personality tests are found to be the right answer to the questions asked by them. Such tests often include in them multiple choice questions that are designed for identifying the different key indicators of longevity and success for the position. When used along with other fitness assessment methods, such tests can prove to be quite useful. But some employers are found to be placing excess weight or probably using them during the early hiring stage process. This actually denies the opportunity to hire potential fitting candidates since they had been weeded out prematurely by the exam. Prior to using the personality tests as well as discarding the previous methods, it will be necessary to do some research on the different evaluation tools provided by the industry professionals.

Increasing need for personality test

With growing competition and economic downturn creating problems for the business, the number of vacancies has dwindled with time, while the applicants are found to be increasing in manifolds with time. With plenty of candidates applying for a single position, the HRs are having a tough time to find out the right candidates for the job. It is for this reason that employment and personality tools are found to be increasingly getting popular. Such tools when properly and carefully used are sure to locate the fitting talent and place them at the right positions allowing them to work satisfactorily and to exceed all expectations.

According to the professionals, personality tests are designed for determining the particular applicant is likely to remain employable for a long term and be successful. This is achieved by defining behavioural or personality tendencies which are in sync with the duties related to the position. These tests are also found to be effective towards offering objective opinion, which at times can be difficult to deliver, as a human. Personality tests have also been found to be an effective way to differentiate among the applicants. Making hiring decisions especially when taking two similar resumes can be difficult, with the experience and qualification being the same on paper. But, personality tests taken of both the candidates will clearly specify the best one to be given the job. Hence, the demand for different types of evaluation tools has been rising at a fast pace.

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