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Tips to prepare for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics exam

Mathematics is often a nightmare for many students, but others may find it quite easy. It is mainly due to the same reason. You either capture it entirely right or entirely wrong. It’s not like a language subject wherein there can be an intermediate state where you know the subject partially. And that is one reason why it is possible to score centum in maths. Mathematics is a high-scoring subject as long as you are well-prepared and thorough with the concepts. It is one such subject which draws your interest into it slowly, with practice. Students are often found to face problem in finishing their Maths paper on time due to the lengthy and complicated calculations and procedures. Students usually panic while answering questions in the exam due to which they are incapable of finishing the paper before or even on time. Just because they run out of time, they drop a few questions unwillingly. And very frequently, it has been observed that the problems they leave unattended are those which could have been done very quickly. Such a state becomes very frustrating and saddening.

The tips given below can help you score high in Maths:

    1. Make separate prints for formula and theorems to revise regularly.
    2. Practice time and again to improve speed and accuracy.
    3. Be careful about the silly and careless mistakes that you generally make.
    4. Solve as many previous year papers and sample papers as possible.
  1. Concentrate on NCERT book. If still unclear about any concept, try to comprehend it at any cost. The problem might be a continuation of the topics included in the Class 9 syllabus. Hence, go back to class 9 NCERT book or refer the RD Sharma Solution Class 9 Maths on that particular topic and later get back to your present problem to solve it.
  2. Learn time management.
  3. Make sure that you study the subject allotting time according to the mark distribution for each chapter, to score the best in the examination of Class 10 Mathematics.

CBSE Class 10 Syllabus For Maths Is Given Below:

Chapter No Chapter Name Marks Allotted
1 Number Systems 06
2 Algebra 20
3 Coordinate Geometry 06
4 Geometry 15
5 Trigonometry 12
6 Mensuration 10
7 Statistics & Probability 11
Total 80 marks

Last minute preparation tips for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics examination:

  1. You will quickly understand the level of questions which can be asked in board exams by referring to previous year class 10 Maths board exam papers. Hence, it is a must do.
  2. Cover the syllabus of NCERT books entirely. All the solved and unsolved questions in NCERT books are the most crucial questions that could be asked in Class 10 Maths board exam paper. Examiners either pick problems for board exam paper right from NCERT and CBSE textbooks or base the problems on it. Go a step ahead by referring to RD Sharma solution Class 10 to not give a chance of losing marks.
  3. Having a precise knowledge of your syllabus and the weightage to different sections will help you to determine how much time you should devote to each section.
  4. Figures and graphs can help you score higher marks if you work them out with a little extra concentration.

Scoring high isn’t always a bridge too far. If you are well prepared with your subject and perfect with your preparations, coming out with flying colours in your CBSE Class 10 examination is indeed easy as a pie.

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