June 27, 2018 at 11:45 am

Tips to use technical assessment for hiring

To help the tech leaders create a strong platform by performing with the capable team is always challenging. It is not in the hands of these leaders but in yours as a recruiting manager who would make sure you get the best possible outcome. This type of interview is the right and the most standard way by which you can assess the candidate for the particular job role and we call it as the technical test. It is quite strange to know how some hiring managers conduct such type of assessment during interview process. But the fact is to get accurate results; there is a way to do that.

Understanding the concept of Technical assessment:

This type of assessment is something not every candidate actually welcomes. It is something most of the candidates rather try to run from it since toll date people are not really using the organized part of this test. While conducting a technical test if the communication is not well maintained and the hiring team do not relay conduct it in a professional manner then of course, there would be a negative image of the same. Such type of assessment undoubtedly is good for the interviewer and the candidate provided the right way of doing it is followed.

Following are the tips that can help you create a strong technical test, which is not just restricted to writing a code, but can also include working on presentation, sales deck and even design creation to

Make this assessment relevant to the role:

The most annoying part of being assesses in the interview is to give the test for the role which you haven’t applied to. That is why, always be careful whether the profile of the candidate matches with that of the profile of the job for which your organization has opening. Otherwise, this can actually lead to a lot of frustration and annoyance. There had been many such scenarios where the candidate is asked to appear for the technical round and were given the questions of code conducting whereas the fact is such type of job role of which he had applied did not include any kind of coding use

You must put questions that you need for assessment:

There are so many hiring managers that conduct only a standard pattern of an interview. Such type of assessment often times is not even close to the candidate’s skills and which can make it even more challenging for you to evaluate. The assessment that you plan to conduct must have the useful information that would allow the hiring managers to come up with an effective decision. If the candidate fails to follow the technical exercise that you have spent, then it is pretty much clear whether the person is a right fit for the job or not.

It is always a great idea for the respective candidate to have an idea about the interview format and the purpose behind conducting such test. For better assessment you can further categorize it into two sections one to be solved at home and one to be observed personality so that comparison becomes a lot clearer.

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