April 1, 2017 at 6:27 am

5 Tips for Choosing a Hoodie to Suit Your Body Shape

Hoodie is the new trend and with a variety in the types and attractive colors it has gained a style statement in the current season. Hoodies have been customized to bear the brunt of all seasons. Stylish, colorful sweatshirts with hoodies have emerged which a perfect pick for all seasons are ranging from scorching summers to freezing winters. Custom hoodies with full or half zipper, with single or multiple pockets, oversized, light or warm material, loose and cozy have added charm to everyone’s looks and personality. The 5 tips for choosing a hoodie to suit your body shape are briefed below:

Hoodies for Men

Hoodies are absolutely flattering for all types of body shape with its loose and comfortable fitting. Hoodies can be typical unisex attire and is a loose fit to make a perfect fit for all body shapes. The best pick for men hoodies would be dark colors with logos. They should be simple with no additional designs and prints. Simple reflects style for men. Men of all body frames would look amazing with loose and dark hoodies so this becomes the basic for all.

Hoodies for Women

Hoodies for women should be slightly more body hugging and in light colors. White and tan colors like pink or neon with large logos, graphics make a great pick for women of all body shapes.

Pear Body Shape

People with narrow shoulder should go for a round and wide neckline with a hem that is above the hips. People with pear body shapes carrying a shirt size larger than the size of waist would look attractive is slight loose and round neck custom hoodies.

Wedge Body Shape

People who carry broad shoulders with small hips should go for hoodies that are made of light materials. Light and thin materials with a branded bottom and vertical detailing makes a perfect fit on such body shapes. Hoodies help to flatter the areas where the weight gains appears more. Weight gain near arms or bust resembles a wedge shaped body and slightly loose hoodies of thin materials make a perfect pick.

Rectangle Body shape

People with rectangle body shape having weight distributed throughout their bodies without any curves shall look flattering in sweatshirt hoodie with fitted waist to create a balance creating an illusion of curves. Custom hoodies can be accessorized and designed in different ways and their loose fit makes it suitable for all body shapes.

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