August 1, 2019 at 8:41 am

Top varieties of wedding jewellery for women

When it comes to Indian bride, one has to have jewellery because this is an essential part in the bridal attire. Also choosing the right kind of jewellery for the D day is very important and it has to complement the bridal couture.

So, when one decides to choose their bridal jewellery they need to know the varieties that are available so that they can select according to their preferences. Waman hari pethe has all the top styles and varieties of jewelleries and one can also select from there. There are many women who have very less knowledge about ornaments. For them, choosing the right type of jewellery can be a bit troublesome. But if one knows the basic varieties beforehand, then things can get easier.


This is the purest variety of gold jewellery and that is why; this is the most expensive one as well. They are highly refined and are 24 karat gold. One can select these jewelleries which will be adorned with a lot of semi precious and precious stones. Sometimes some valuable gems are also used in this variety to give the jewelleries even more stunning look. It is said that kundankaru came to Rajasthan first and then it became a part of Indian traditional jewellery style during the Mughal period. That is why; it has a very royal touch.


This is a very colourful and bright jewellery and they have a lot of enamelled designs on top of it. Here, the precious stones are first set properly before the enamelling process and the makers use some heat resistant colours here like blue, red, white, yellow and green. The designs that are mostly used here are of fish, flower, peacock and paisleys.


It is a kind of engraved traditional jewellery from the land of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Varieties of gems are used here like ruby, pearl, emerald and diamond. These are then embedded with Polki which is an uncut form of the diamond and melted gold so that the jewellery ends up getting a stunning look.


This is the most common form of traditional Indian jewellery and when it comes to Indian weddings, gold is something which is termed as auspicious. This is because it is the symbol of goddess Lakshmi. They are very durable and these jewelleries never lose its shine. One can make endless designs on this metal and make jewelleries of their own choice.


This also has its origin in Rajasthan. Also termed as lacquer, it is a very popular type of jewellery not only in India but also across the world. One can use them in making armlets, necklace and maang tika to strengthen them. In fact, varieties of bangles made from lac are very famous and popular.

Apart from these, there are diamond and platinum jewelleries which are mostly on the expensive side. One can go to the waman hari pethe website to see the new designs they have some up with when it comes to wedding jewelleries.

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