November 10, 2018 at 7:51 am


The desire of finding the best forex brokers in forex market has been seen as an essential matter. With the aim of trading with the best forex broker, we should consider different aspects of that broker. After many years of experience, I myself assume that Exness forex broker is considered to be the best forex broker presently. To make it clearer, I will provide you with a better understanding of this great forex broker through this article. Trading with Exness broker can be an effective way for traders to gain a lot of profits because of their good trading conditions. To my mind, Exness is the most reliable forex broker that you can rely totally on. The multitude of experienced traders are attracted by Exness broker because of the safety. When it comes to good trading conditions, I will show you some specific characteristics of this broker below.

  • Exness’ spread
  • Exness’ leverage
  • Exness’ instant withdrawal system
  • Different types of Exness account
  • Exness’ customer service
  1. Exness’ spread

In fact, traders are often captivated by low spread forex broker. In terms of this matter, Exness is considered to be the lowest spread forex broker in the world. It is onerous for you to find the lowest spread broker as Exness in forex market. Exness has the lowest spread in terms of 6 most trading currency pairs. It might be higher when you trade on other currencies.


  1. Exness’ leverage

Speaking of leverage, Exness, one of the biggest forex broker in forex market, is the best choice for traders. The compelling reason for this is that Exness offers their customers highest leverage, sometimes up to unrestricted. In fact, trading with a broker who offers higher leverage is safer than others. That’s why many experienced traders decided to trade with Exness for many years. Unlimited leverage allows you not to pay anything for margins. Traders nowadays have a desire for trading with good forex brokers. It is therefore advisable for traders to trade at Exness because of their safety.

  1. Exness’instant withdrawal system

Instant withdrawal is a trend which has a strong effect on transactions of traders. Exness forex broker is listed in the top 10 best forex broker, who has an outstanding withdrawal system. It is an everyday occurrence that it takes traders around a few hours or even one or two days to finish their transactions. However, if you transfer or withdraw your money at Exness, it takes you only a few seconds. It is simply because Exness is now using machines to help their customers reduce the amount of time. Exness’s withdrawal speed is considered to be the fastest speed in forex market now.

In reality, if you want to check the the withdrawal speed, you can trade with Exness and other forex brokers.

  1. Some types of Exness accounts

It is clear that traders had better choose one type of account that suits them the best. Exness is one of the best ECN brokers in the world. When it comes to account types of Exness broker, they have four types of accounts in forex market. Four types of accounts are Cent, Mini, Classic, and ECN. In reality, if you trade by Mini and Cent accounts, both accounts require only 1 USD for minimum deposit. It can be seen as great thing for you to experience real trading platform in forex market.

  1. Exness’s customer service

The primary concern on forex brokers is that whether they have good customer services or not. It is a wise decision for traders to opt for Exness because they always offer good customer services. In terms of languages, they offer traders different languages which help them fully understand forex market. Some of the languages that they are offering 24/7 such as Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Vietnamese, and Persian. In fact, not many traders can speak English, it is better for them to have their original language. Additionally, Exness is audited by a big account firm, which is Deloitte. As a result, they are very reliable. Based on many Exness reviews, it is always the best choice.


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