August 26, 2019 at 10:12 am

Instagram Giveaway: How To Use Social Media To Earn Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is becoming a trend, as the concept of cryptocurrency is encouraged, and it is used in transactions and many payment methods. It is not only limited to specific users, but anyone from anywhere can be a part of it.

bitcoin games

Bitcoin is earning ways of using social media

Bitcoins website, announces many offers, promotions for their users so that they can make many bitcoins and use them as real money in the real world for many different purposes. When you earn a bitcoin, you can later sell that on a cryptocurrency exchange, maybe Coinbase or Kraken, through which you can easily get the cash directly into the bank account, which is also the easiest way to turn your bitcoin into real money. Now, the question is, how can one get the bitcoins? The freebitcoin website hosts many giveaways, contests, promotions, betting, a dice game, and many things like these, through which one can easily earn the bitcoins. There are many giveaways such as an bitcoin games , where one has to follow the official account of the freebitcoin on Instagram and repost the posts and follow the instruction as mentioned to achieve the giveaways prizes. The prizes can include money, i.e. you can get a $50 to $1000 within the range, as 1st to 5th positions in the leaderboard. You get the amount in BTC! The prize money gets deposited into the bitcoin account of the winner, and they get to know through direct messages as well.

Such an easy way that one can earn bitcoins and convert them into real money, with a basic social media strategy.


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