November 5, 2017 at 5:10 am

Private Money Lenders – The 4 Top Ways to Get Money For Your Real Estate Deals

Getting private money by lending уоur rеаl еѕtаtе іnvеѕtmеnt business is critical to your success because the credit bubble gets traditional mortgages that are very difficult. Mortgage loans now require more than 700 credit points and documented sources of revenue. This is difficult for most real estate investors. Low-income lenders get drunk too, as the credit bubble continues to last for borrowers. So, how do you get Approved Money Lender Singapore for real estate transactions?

The answer lends private money. But how do you get private money lenders?

We teach our students how to use simple marketing strategies to attract private lenders Once you start attracting private providers, you can arrange individual meetings or group meetings where you can put the benefits and advantages of invest money on you.

There are many ways to promote to private lenders, but we recommend these four strategies as a starting point.

Business cards

You must have business cards specially designed for private lenders. On the back of the card, you must have some highlights of your private loan program and the many benefits of investing in you. You can offer a free message or website if they want more information before you speak. Its benefits are that many wheel kickers will emit themselves without spending your time and energy. Visit to learn more. If you would like more information on how to make a business card a marketing weapon please go to my bio author for an article titled “Increase 10 Secrets to Make a Common Business Card in an Unusual Setting Machine” marketing “.

Speaking of the elevator

You do not know who you can run, so it’s important to have a 30-second lift ready speech on your Approved Money Lender Singapore program. As part of this conference, you can ask if people are interested in finding out more about investments that pay an interest of 9% to 15% and which are secured by local real estate leasing. Most people will definitely be interested and want to know more.


Strongly recommend that you have a simple flyer page that can be posted on bulletin boards and left in the lobbies of the 55+ community or local community organizations. The flyer should reissue some simple highlights of your program with an invitation to call or visit a website for more information.


One of the main ways to get private lenders is through referrals from family, friends or business contacts. Be sure to tell everyone that you are a real estate investor looking for people to lend money and that you pay 9% to 15% interest. The more you know about your private money program, the more interesting your prospects are.

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