September 18, 2018 at 7:51 am

The Taste Of Some Good Old British Food

As Britain has become a more diverse country we have been lucky enough to be able to sample dishes from around the world with a quick trip either to our local takeaway or to one of the many restaurants that frequent our town and city centers. Whenever you make a visit to one of the main chain pubs or restaurants you can choose between a whole host of different dishes including some typically British ones. Whatever food is being produced you will find the chefs and other kitchen staff working over a Lincat LMR9 6 Burner Gas Range Oven or similar commercial oven like the ones you can find at

Here are two typical British dishes that you may wish to try next time you pop out for a meal or perhaps are looking for a meal to make from home.

Sunday Roast

When you think about typically British food the Sunday Roast will be at the top of the list. The dish centers around whatever type of meat you prefer, whether that is chicken, beef, pork, gammon or perhaps for Christmas (which becomes a giant Sunday Roast) a Turkey. Alongside the meat which is delicately roasted for a few hours is usually served a variety of vegetables, which may be boiled, steamed or some of them even roasted in the oven, such as carrots and parsnips. Roast potatoes are a must and some families also serve mashed potato or boiled potatoes alongside this. To top off the dish lovely crunchy Yorkshire puddings are placed on the plate and the whole dish is covered with some beautiful gravy. The condiment you have will depend on your meat choice and could include mustard, cranberry sauce, bread sauce or perhaps apple sauce.

Fish and Chips

This takeaway option is very quint-essentially British and has been served to people in the country since the 19th Century. The traditional fish and chips was originally served wrapped in newspaper and was expected to be eaten with your fingers and was the Brits version of street food. Since then we have adapted the ways that we serve the fish and chips and many takeaways utilize either polystyrene or cardboard boxes and may also give you a little plastic or wooden fork to eat your food with. The fish served is usually cod or haddock and is dipped in a prepared batter mix and then placed into incredible hot oil to deep fry. The chips are cut to be chunky and are also fried. These are served with a sprinkling of salt and malt vinegar just to top the dish off.


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