May 11, 2016 at 8:36 am

Ecstasy pills – An Overview

Ecstasy is defined as an extreme happiness combined with unreasonable pleasure. Ecstasy is termed in many ways like- XTC, or Methylene di oxy methamphetamine which is further short termed as MDMA.

Ecstasy is a psychoactive drug and cause high feeling of euphoria or utmost happiness. In common ecstasy pills are used to treat post traumatic stress disorder and even prescribed while undergoing therapy.

Many countries ban selling MDMA and possible prison term is ordered by court, in case of illegal selling or buying of the drug.

Ecstasy in the form of love pill

Ecstasy gained popularity among young crowd as ‘the love pill’, since it heightens and increases sensations while touching or making love. It is believed that, these ecstasy pills supposedly amplify sensations between two people. It also heightens perceptions of sound and color.

Commonly, the ecstasy pills often contain hallucinogens; hallucinogens are the drugs which act on mind and causes people to feel things in their absence. These hallucinogens end up people’s lives in to hell by turning to remember all scary or forgotten sad experiences from past and person may get stuck in this without knowing what is happening around.


But, ecstasy as love pill is only a marketing strategy to increase sales of the pills. While these pills cause person to suffer from depression, anxiety, confusion and sometimes serious psychological problems.

Apart from the above, ecstasy can be defined in many ways from love feelings to religious overtones. Basically ecstasy is also known as mental situations to induce peace of mind. In case of using ecstasy as regular medication, person may overcome sad demises and crowd till the power of pill lasts. Ecstasy helps overcome awareness about present world and widens the side of spirituality. During this state, many people experience happiness which has no bounds and even feel like they are on cloud nine and their faces show the happy emotions and changes natural appearances.

Many ecstasy drugs in the market confess the marketing trainees induce in ecstatic moods and sell their effective product. Some people consume before workout in the gym to feel less pain and in overall ecstasy makes person lose consciousness and forget the world for a while or till power of the drug lasts.

Moving apart from all marketing promotions, this drug has been further banned as it damages the brain cells permanently. Ecstasy cut down the amount of serotonin in brain and sometimes even clogs the serotonin terminal. But, ecstasy pills help cure impotency or erectile dysfunction in males in males. And few people set oral ecstasy pills with Viagra, Generic Viagra and Cialis; which lengthens the actual love making sessions and can be used by both males and females. But, before taking such medicines doctor’s prescription is highly advised as it worsens the health of people who are suffering from weak heart and high blood pressure.

Always cross check pharmacies certification against the association’s websites before you xtc kopen. Along with that make sure about online pharmacy’s privacy and easily understanding security policies. Since illegal pharmacies often sell personal information to fraudsters.

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