June 23, 2017 at 7:19 am

How to Write an Effective Cleaning Tender

In the cleaning industry, tenders are a great way of obtaining high value contracts that deliver large amounts of work and stable revenue. When writing cleaning tenders, pricing is the most important factor which will govern whether your bid is successful or not. Cleaning tenders can be highly competitive and should be well researched and written, succinct and explain how your company will meet the objectives of the buyer.

To write successful cleaning tenders, you should research the client’s Request for Tender (RFT) documents thoroughly in addition to attending the briefing if one is held. This will give you a good grasp on their cleaning requirements which will help you write the tender. Then, your next task is to write a winning cleaning tender which will outperform your competition by being well researched and written, well presented and offering the best possible price.

In cleaning tenders, pricing is usually the overriding factor in the contract award decision. For this reason, special attention should be given to the pricing component when writing a cleaning tender. The buyer may not necessarily select the cheapest price, but will usually choose the provider that delivers the best value for money. The Tender Writer and the person who prepares the pricing on cleaning tenders should work together to explain why your cleaning tender offers the best value for money.

A well written cleaning tender should be focused on the client and outline ways in which your company will assist the organisation releasing the tender to fulfil its business objectives. Cleaning tenders are assessed by groups of evaluators whose job it is to obtain the best value for money for the buyer. This is why the Tender Writer should make it as easy as possible to find information, without making the evaluators search through your cleaning tender. It is a good idea to use subheadings, bullet points and correct line spacing to make the cleaning tender as easy to read as possible and hold the evaluator’s attention.

Writing a cleaning tender is similar to writing an essay with a goal of persuading your readers of a particular viewpoint. With a tender, your goal is to convince the evaluators that your company offers the best value for money in the delivery of the tendered service. When writing a cleaning tender, you are best to assume that the client has no prior knowledge of your company and the services you offer. Your tender should educate the evaluators about the services you offer and explain how your company will achieve the objectives outlined in the RFT documents.

If you are busy doing your job and don’t have time to write cleaning tenders, or if you are not the most experienced Tender Writer, it could be worth outsourcing your bid to a professional to write. This will give you a much better chance of being successful while allowing you to focus on doing your job instead of writing tenders. Tenders A to Z offers professional writing services for cleaning tenders and has won many contracts for clients in the cleaning industry. For more information, visit our website at and contact us to find out how we can assist you to win cleaning tenders today.

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