August 24, 2017 at 12:07 pm

The Biggest Mosque In Indonesia With Magnificent Architecture

When you are on holiday to Indonesia, visiting tourist attractions with beautiful natural conditions is not the only option. There are many other options for you to choose from. To visit The Biggest mosque in Indonesia may be an interesting option that you can consider. Actually, the mosque is a place of worship for Muslims. But some mosques can also be a good point to visit while on tour. Some mosques are well deserved to be a tour point with magnificent architecture, beautiful buildings, and have a variety of other uniqueness.

The Biggest mosque in Indonesia countrycan be an attractive option as a tourist point because it can give new and unique choices in your vacation. Some mosques have buildings with beautiful architecture to appreciate. Some mosques also have unique in terms of building, architecture, and the arrangement of the environment around the mosque. Some mosques with unique, majestic, largest, and have beautiful buildings and architecture in Indonesia are as follows.

  • The Istiqlal Mosque

The Istiqlal Mosque is the largest in Indonesia and even in Southeast Asia. The mosque was built in 1970 by the first president of the Republic of Indonesia located in Jakarta. The Istiqlal Mosque has a giant drum with a length of 3 meters, and weighs 2.30 tons. This bedug is made of 300 years old red merantiwood.Visiting this mosque will give you the atmosphere of history, religion, and serenity.

  • The Al-Akbar Mosque

The Al-Akbar Mosque is the largest mosque in East Java located in Surabaya. This mosque even became one of the largest in Indonesia. The uniqueness of this mosque lies in its dome. The Al-Akbar Mosque’s dome is painted using green and blue colors that provide a fresh atmosphere in it. The Al-Akbar Mosque Building has a beautiful architecture, suitable to visit on your way as one of the stops while on a tour.

  • The Dian Al Mahri Mosque

The Dian Al Mahri Mosque is also known as the Golden Dome Mosque because the whole dome of this mosque is made of gold. It then makes the structure for this mosque become the first and most expensive mosque in Indonesia. If you want to visit Dian Al Mahri Mosque, This Golden Dome Mosque is located in Depok, West Java.

  • The Rahmatan Lil-Alamin Mosque

The Rahmatan Lil-Alamin Mosque is located in Indramayu, West Java. This mosque is the grandest mosque in Indonesia in terms of building and architecture. This mosque has a meaning of mercy for the universe, in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. The Rahmatan Lil-Alamin Mosque was built by Al-Zaytun University. It is six stories high and is claimed to be able to accommodate up to 100,000 worshipers.

The Biggest mosques in Indonesia area in above are the mosques that are worth your visit in your tour in Indonesia.When you visit the mosques mentioned above, there are many ways to enjoy your visit. You can enjoy magnificent mosque buildings, unique architecture buildings, appreciate the history of the mosque, or just rest enjoys the serenity around the mosque.

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