March 29, 2017 at 9:16 am

Working for the Betterment of Christians and their Spiritual Wellness

Indeed, the work of a righteous person is not so easy and straight and it is always a walk uphill; for he has to get up from the rest, learn the word of God, and then motivate others to take his lead. But this is what righteous people are supposed to do and this is why the world has a few evangelists, who ensure that they go ahead and preach the words of Lord to the others and heal them.

People in this world are suffering from ailments that are not just troubling them physically but also mentally. They try medicines and surgeries but all to no avail. It is also true that if a really faithful devotee of a God, a prophet, prays to the God, his prayers shall work miraculously to cure these people. This is what the Prophet TB Joshua of The Synagogue Church of All Nations or SCOAN, has been doing. He is a prophet, a messiah who got the divine call from the Holy Spirit at a very young age and ever since, there has been no looking back. He has been praying and preaching to save millions of souls in and around Lagos, Nigeria.

He has been a righteous man and very down to earth and that is why in spite of the effort of Satan and his agents, he has been able to stand tall and brave the storm. He has proved the verse of Job by growing stronger and stronger than before.

Prophecies and Prayers to Work Wonders for the People:

Today, the prophet is a renowned figure not just in Lagos, Nigeria, but in the world beyond too thanks to the several ministries that he works with. He is working in great zest and single-mindedly working towards alleviating the people from their ailments and free them.

Innumerable testimonies from the devotees and the Christians flood the internet as he has helped healing them body and soul. Besides that, the prophet TB Joshua is the reason that today, evangelists and devotees travel thousands of miles just to listen to him live or pray with him at the SCOAN headquarters.

One cannot deny that besides healing, his prowess to see the future and predict national and international events and catastrophes is amazing. International media cannot stop wondering at this power and this has also drawn criticism from several who feel that it is by occult magic that he does this. This is baseless, too, since, one cannot stand at the altar of God and abide by the Word of Lord and yet take the help of occult.

His power today is visible just by visiting the SCOAN church, which draws thousands of people every week. These devotees who come to stay are not just from Nigeria or the other parts of Africa alone, but from Europe and other continents too who come to seek and witness spiritual awakening.

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