July 8, 2018 at 9:33 am

African Mango Is Not Limited To Weight Loss

For a majority of people around the world weight loss is their main concern. They would practically do anything to bring a positive effect in bringing down their weight. The African mango is gaining attention after getting featured on the DR. Oz show. The product addresses the concern of obesity, diabetes and pain effectively. The scientific name for the African mango is Irvingia gabonensis. The product is rich in nutrients responsible for various health benefits. The fruit is obtained from a tree that is native to West Africa. It is commonly known in native language as ogbono or bush mango. The product has never been used as traditional medicine. It is noted for its abilities in the burning of fat, reducing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol levels. Most of its other abilities are being discovered recently. The pulp of the fruit is processed to make juices and jams. Weight loss supplements used world over utilize the extract of its seeds. Regular consumption significantly reduces body fats and leptin levels. On researching the African product limited information can only be found. A lot more has to be still discovered and scientists are working on it. But the findings or discoveries so far have ascertained its effectiveness for body weight, cardio health and diabetic conditions. Furthermore no side effects have been noted so far.

Weight loss and irvingia

Noted effects of the fruit

The supplement works on four departments of the body. One is executing weight loss. Irvingia gabonesis is rich in fiber and fatty acids. These nutrients are primarily responsible for making it effective in weight loss. The fiber content and fatty acids escalate the metabolic process resultantly reducing the fat content in the body. The consumption of the supplement aids in eliminating toxins from the body. Irvingia gabonesis is composed of compounds such as flavonoids, alkaloids, and anthocyanins. It is scientifically proven that these compounds have high antioxidant properties. This makes the African mango improve liver function resulting in reducing toxicity. The regular intake of the supplement manages diabetes. The seeds of African mango are composed of high soluble fibers. Essentially these fibers are responsible for prolonging the stay of food in the stomach. Resultantly food is not transferred to the intestine immediately. This process delays the absorption of sugar in the blood stream, decreasing the glucose level in blood significantly after a meal. Last but not the least; the blood cholesterol level is controlled by its regular intake. The fibers play in main role in the process.

What is African mango Extract

What is irvingia extract? The scientific research is limited on irvingia extract. Clinical evidence in support of this extract is not available. Health benefits of its supplement are highly sponsored by its makers. Scientists are still pondering over the question, what is irvingia extract. Weight loss and irvingia extract are closely connected. Researchers confirm the fact that African mango seeds assist in the process of weight and lower the cholesterol level in the blood stream. The logic is that the high fiber content in the seed work in favor of weight loss.

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