February 16, 2017 at 9:59 am

All Things You Should Know to Prevent Infection Risk After Plastic Surgery

Although the risk of infection after plastic surgery is only about 1 %, infection remains one of the most common complications of plastic surgery. We will help you to prevent infection during your recovery process after plastic surgery. You can trust us as trusted certified in arizona, tucson az plastic surgeons offer many kind of plastic surgery.

How Could Infection Happen?

Essentially, bacteria overgrowth can make an infection. When there is a break in the skin surface and crevice, this possible location of bacteria.Any infection is always a serious concern because it prevents incision healing normally, this could negatively affect the final outcome of cosmetic surgery.

An infection can also other consequences. In breast augmentation for example, infection can spread from the slit for transplant, the transplant issue which has to be removed.

Prevent the Risk of Infections

Any surgery involves a certain risk of infection. However, some people are more prone to infection – patients with diabetes, for example, as well as smokers, and those who have specific cardiovascular conditions or who take steroids.

It it almost no infection case at tucson az plastic surgeons. Doctors take great care before and during surgery to make sure that there is no possibility of infection. Prepare the skin with antiseptic before making any incision, a sterile surgical technique used.

You as a patient can do these actions to reduce your risk:

Eat Healthy: catabolic state players surgery in the body which means that consume more calories and protein than in normal condition. Make sure your diet includes healthy choices such as fruits and vegetables and lean protein.

Stop smoking! Patients should stop smoking for at least 4-6 weeks before and after surgery. Smoking prvents healing wounds because nicotine produces carbon monoxide which inhibition of red blood cells and vasoconstriction.

Keep your incisions and your environment clean and dry and healthy: it is vital to keep your recovery environment sterile to prevent any infection caused by bacteria.

Take the antibiotics, strengthen your immune: If the doctor prescribed antibiotics to take after surgery, make sure you take them, even if you feel well and there are no signs of infection.


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