June 28, 2017 at 5:44 am

Anavar and Benefits – A Know How

Anavar is relatively a milder steroid compared to its counterparts. It is also the most popularly used steroid in the world with both men and women using it for bulking up.

Some of the brands available in the market are

Newport Anavar, British dragon, Lonavar, biomax labs Anavar 20, vasarome, antitriol, Pfizer anavar, Protivar, triumph Anavar, many different brands in India. Anavar is in vogue among bodybuilders, athletes, celebrities, models etc to maintain a perfect body. It is prescribed medicinally for weight gain.

What precautions you should take while buying Anavar brands

First and foremost you should do some research before you set out to buy Anavar, because if the the manufacturer is not reputed and it is from some illegal underground lab production, you may be in the danger of contaminated, adulterated or nefarious substances which may harm your life. Hence always buy from a reputed and established pharmacy.

It is better to go through reviews and testimonials of users and check out their recommendations for the brand they’ve been using and how they benefited from the usage or faced problems.

Checking the ingredients, dosage and quantity in the container should match the information they provided in the website about their product. There should be warning about the contraindications that may occur if you overdose etc. Proper statutory warnings have to be provided to the user.

The brand will replace the product if damaged or no to the standard as mentioned. Usually most of the brands do offer the money back guarantee and free shipping cost.

Check out the brand which suits your body type. It is better to see what kinds of forms the brand sells such as oral tables, injectables etc.

Whether the brand is available everywhere or if you had to order it from another place or country, the pricing of the product is important, the affordability plays a vital role as this steroid has to be taken in a cycle for a period of certain months so you buy bulk, do they provide discounts etc. have to be checked.

Which dosage levels are available such as 10mg, 20mg etc tablets or capsules or injectables. To find out which are effective and suit your convenience.

Some brand give a lot of promotional offers such as discounts and other supplements as complementary, it is better to check out properly before buying, such brands to up their sales may resort to such tactics but if their product is genuinely superior you could try them out.

How to use the Anavar brands

 Any brand of Anavar is usually taken for a period of one and half months. Men benefit by bulking and women get a toned sculpted body. During the period of cycle women can consume 10-20 mg per day during the six week cycle. An increase of 5mg every two days will help the body to adapt to Anavar gradually without sending the body into a shock. To learn more from this link.A break of three weeks will help the body to return to normalcy before you begin your next cycle.

Men use Anavar to retain their bulk during the off season when they do not train much, so even though they are not training hard Anavar keeps their body in the condition when they were stacking steroids.

For men a dosage over 20mg will work. Though there isn’t a prescribed manual for the dosage as it may vary according to your goals and what results you are expecting.

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