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August 17, 2016 at 5:55 am

Back exercises with dumbbell

There are many exercises with a dumbbell that are for your back. They target the upper and lower latissimi-dorsi as well as your back muscles. Here are few of the exercises:

Back Fly

  • Lie down on a bench upside down, with elbows straight at right angles and dumbbells in hands.
  • Lift your hands to make them come parallel to your body, take a pause and move your hands to the previous positions.
  • Breathe out when pulling your hands up and breathe in while going back.

Twist bend to opposite sides

  • Keep a slight arch in your knees and keep getting bent.
  • Stand up and reach down with one foot and pick two dumbbells.
  • Stand up again with dumbbells in hands and go to the opposite foot.


Dead Lift

  • Hold dumbbells in your both hands while standing up.
  • Lower dumbbells straight down while bending your knees and hips.
  • Breathe in while lowering dumbbells and breathe out while coming back.

Bent over row

  • Bent down such that your legs are at right angle to your upper body. Bent knees a bit.
  • Lift dumbbells parallel to your body and drop down to the initial position while keeping your back straight.

Wide Row

  • Flex your knees and hips and get in squatting position. Hold dumbbells in each of your hands.
  • Lift the dumbbells up without any change in your body position and angles. Drop the dumbbells to their original position.
  • Breathe out while pulling the dumbbells up and breathe in while dropping them down to the original position.

Kneeling one arm row

  • Put your hand and leg (bent) on a bench. Grab a dumbbell with your other hand, while the other leg is on the ground.
  • Keeping the rest of the body still, move the dumbbell straight up and then straight down with a small pause.
  • Breathe out while lifting the dumbbell up and breathe in while moving to initial position.

One Arm Row

  • Bent forward at the front end of the bench. Place your one hand on the bench and grab a dumbbell with the other one.
  • Lift the dumbbell up till it gets parallel to your body and then drop it down to the initial position.
  • Breathe out while lifting up the dumbbell and breathe in while going back to the initial position.

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