May 5, 2016 at 4:43 am

Heather Weber on reasons for you to practice yoga

When it comes to yoga, you will find that people of all ages are practicing it. Yoga has the ability to enhance the quality of your life. It improves flexibility and sharpens the mind. It gives you the inner peace in a stressful world.

Top reasons why you should do yoga?

Heather Weber Merrill Lynch in the USA is enthusiastic about yoga for good health. She says that everyone should embrace yoga for optimal body, mind and spiritual health. She says that you should do yoga because it is a very good workout for the body. You may choose the exercises you want to suit your levels of fitness. Gradually you will find an improvement in mental and physical health.

Understanding how yoga poses and postures can help you

She says that the postures and the poses that you learn in Yoga will help you get in tune with your body. This means you can be mentally, physically and spiritually aligned with your body. At the same time, you must ensure you breathe properly and correctly when you are doing these yoga asanas. The breathing techniques are called pranayamas and they ensure your mind is rested and calm.

Improve your sleep and overall health

If you suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia, you will find that regular yoga will improve the quality of your sleep. The light physical activity will help your body to fall asleep faster. A good sleep is important for good health. The best part of yoga is that it improves the quality of your sleep that is crucial for your health. Lack of sleep will lead to many ailments including weight gain. If you practice yoga, you will experience outstanding results in just a few weeks.

Beat stress

One of the biggest killers of life is stress. It wrecks both your mental or your physical health. On top of that it steals your joy and happiness. Stress also increases the levels of cortisol in your body. With regular yoga, you can also improve your posture and reduce slouching and slumping when you walk. It will help you to walk taller and feel better about it.

 Development of mental and physical strength

With the help you daily yoga, you effectively are able to develop both mental and physical strength. You can also sit for a long time when you are meditating. This will help you become more active and mobile. You also will witness an improvement of blood circulation to the body and this will make your skin glow too.

Heather Weber Merrill Lynch says that if you really want to experience good health and life, practicing yoga daily will help you in a large way. She says the best part of yoga is that there is no age involved. You can practice at any age. What you need is a trained teacher to help you with the poses and the postures accurately. Once you have learnt the correct techniques, you can practice yoga anytime and anywhere, she says!


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