October 12, 2018 at 12:10 pm

Hifu Machine: A Non-Invasive Technology for Face Lifting

People care for their appearance more than anything & continuously blooming beauty products industry is its biggest proof. For children, adults, elders, male, female, these products are divided in a manner that you will confuse after visiting a cosmetics shop. Skin treatment varies from person to person because of their skin type such as dry, oily or sensitive. Generally, the cosmetic products are very expensive and people buy them without even knowing whether they will be beneficial or not. If you want something reliable that is committed for desired results, Hifu machine is the best option. Rather than any cream or gel, this therapy works with the help of high-intensity ultrasound waves. Here I am going to explain you the proper working of Hifu technology and its significant benefits to your skin.

Working process of Hifu Machine

Hifu aka high-intensity focus ultrasound is an innovative device that emits a wave of frequencies to heal skin issues. The Hifu machine is widely used in dermatology clinics for the purpose of face lifting and skin tightening. It is the best skin treatment device for people stepping in elder age group. It is a non-invasive treatment. Thus many people can get the benefits without feeling pain or the risk of infection. The ultrasound waves of Hifu machine are directly focused on skin where you need tightening. The waves enter the epidermis skin layer and stimulate the production of collagen. The collagen is a protein responsible for tight and youthful skin. While entering in old age, its production decreases consequently wrinkles start appearing. The ultrasounds of Hifu machine helps in regaining the collagen in an adequate quantity that helps in wrinkle removal. Apart from skin tightening, this technology is also helpful in treating dark skin tone.

Different Modes of Hifu Machine to Work on Different Parts

A standard Hifu machine is designed in a manner to target the skin layers with the depth of 1.3mm, 3 mm & 4.5 mm.

These three modes are specified for the following purposes.

1)    1.5 mm Penetration

This is the softest mode with the lowest intensity. The primary objective of focusing to the depth of 1.5 mm is to lighten the melanin pigment and brighten the skin. Experts use this mode on the people having dark skin tone. It takes around a month including 4 weekly Hifu face lifitng treatments to lighten the skin tone at the desired level.

2)    3.0 mm Penetration

This is the mild range of ultrasonic waves that dermatologists use for skin tightening purpose. The 3mm depth is the location where collagen structure exists in the dermis. Here ultrasonic waves create enough heat to reproduce collagen and give you a younger look. For the production of collagen, various other techniques are also in market such as Intense Pulse Light, laser and radio frequency.

3)    4.5 mm Penetration

This is the most intense level of ultrasound penetration used for face-lifting. As a permanent solution to face-lifting, surgery was the only option. However, not this technology has made it very convenient and pain-free. The main target of 4.5 mm depth is a superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) that lies below epidermis. When you compare Hifu device with any life therapy, it is concluded that it can go deeper without causing any damage to skin.

One can utilise these machines for salons to attract more clients. The Hifu technology is completely non-invasive and doesn’t require any special training to use. Skin treatment experts generally use it to target the exposed parts like     forehead, cheeks, eyebrow, chin and neck.


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