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Information about the various aspects of pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is a dream cum true for every married woman. Some women do become pregnant in the normal way without any hurdle. However, there are some who have to overcome hurdles to become pregnant owing to some shortcoming in their or their husband’s reproductive systems. For all women, especially for those who had to put in a lot of effort to become pregnant, proper pregnancy information is of paramount importance to sustain the pregnancy. There are instances galore when women are not able to hold on to their pregnancy midway through it. Some women experience miscarriage even in advanced stages of pregnancy. This is not only emotionally devastating for the woman, but also physically stressing for her. The reasons behind such abrupt miscarriages are mostly beyond human control. Nevertheless, it will easier for women to sustain their pregnancy if information about pregnancy is available freely.

Pregnancy changes your body and mind

Right from the time you get the news about your pregnancy you should try to explore the world of pregnancy to find out its nuances. The first and most important thing that you should be aware of is that pregnancy will change your body and mind in many ways than one. Your body will undergo not only external changes, but also very deep internal physiological changes. The foetus that is growing inside your womb is drawing its entire nutritional requirement from you. In fact, it is using your body for all kinds of its requirements. You need to provide all the requirements to your baby through foods that you eat. However, there are some foods that may threaten the very existence of the foetus.

Maternity information: Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Sea fish does fulfil a big chunk of the neurologic developmental requirement of your baby. However, these fishes, especially the big ones like swordfish, king mackerel shark etc also contain potentially harmful amounts of mercury. Such high levels of mercury can indeed impede the normal brain development process of the foetus. So, it is better to avoid big sea fishes, especially during pregnancy. Undercooked meat, poultry and egg can also be harmful for the foetus. There is a risk of food poisoning from such food. You should also avoid green tea as the effect of green tea on foetus is not yet well documented. Essentially, you should limit the consumption of caffeine during this period as caffeine is known to have the ability to cross the placenta that holds your baby.

What should be done differently when you are pregnant?

Once you are pregnant,it is important to eat and stay healthy. This is difficult if you have morning sickness and cannot keep things down. Small regular meals with the right amount of liquid can help you get rid of the nausea and the key is when your stomach is more settled, you should try to have a balanced diet. This will ensure that you, along with your baby will have the right nutrients.

It is suggested that you should consume around 5 ml of folic acid if you are trying to get pregnant and after 12 weeks of your pregnancy. This is needed to protect your baby against neural tube effects and the best part is that you can derive the same from your intake of foods as well.

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