March 23, 2019 at 7:02 am

Keeping Healthy and Fit During a Trip to Orlando

A trip to Orlando, Florida with or without children is fun. There is so much to do and see in the area. If it’s your first time, you’ll probably need to book a second trip just to fit in just the theme parks in O-Town. In addition to the Walt Disney World Resort, there’s also Universal Orlando and SeaWorld to visit. You may only be able to tackle one park ifyou’ve opted to do other things while in Orlando such as visit Wonderworks or the Ripley’s Believe or Not Museum.

If you or people in your family are big on health and fitness, no other hotel but the Hyatt Place Orlando/Universal has got you covered. The comfortable accommodation is among the best hotels in Orlando. It provides plenty of incentives to get up and move. You’ll also get the best in luxury beauty products to use as well as a mini fridge to keep your healthy snacks in and a tea maker where you can enjoy your favorite flavors of herbal tea.

Places to Go

Getting around Orlando is easy thanks to the many forms of public transportation that exist there. In addition to a public bus line, there is also a trolley that takes visitors up and down International Drive as well as to locations such as the Premium Outlet Mall where they’ll find brand name clothing, accessories, and products for a fraction of their retail costs.

With Universal Orlando down the road and Downtown Disney a short drive from the hotel, you have plenty of options to choose from. Make sure to wear your most supportive walking shoes and your fitness tracker because you’re going to exceed 10,000 steps every day that you’re in Orlando.

Healthy Food Options for You to Try

Nearly every restaurant in the city offers lighterfare for health-conscious people. That doesn’t mean that you have togo to eateries that specialize in health food only, though. You’ll find many of these locations on International Drive as well as in Downtown Orlando where business professionals choose to live extremely healthy lifestyles.

Even the café in the Orlando Public Library serves vegetarian and vegan options. From mock meats to coffee-infused chili, you’ve got lots to look forward to when scoping out places to have a meal. Luving Hut, Green Day Café, Loving Café, and Orlando Ethos are just a few of the restaurants you’ll find with sustainable practices and high-quality, nutritious food that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

There are also many supermarkets and international markets for you to pick up healthy snacks to take back to the hotel with you. In addition to Publix, there is Walmart, and Whole Foods. Shopping local farmer’s markets and produce stands is also a great way to taste Florida-grown oranges firsthand.

You Have Nothing but Excuses to Move Your Body in Orlando

Keep yourself moving and grooving while vacationing in Orlando. Living a healthy lifestyle means that you don’t deviate from your day-to-day habits while away from home. Thanks to the Hyatt Place Orlando/Universal, you can continue to exercise and eat healthily on your trip. The spaciousness of your room provides you with plenty of space to roll out a yoga mat or do some strength training exercises while watching an instruction video you downloaded before you left home.

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