May 3, 2016 at 6:24 am

Tips On How To Earn Money Using Your Passion For Cooking

Food has magic in it. It has healing properties, it has “connecting” abilities…it’s an art that’s waiting to be learnt. Most people tend to learn this art in a very comfortable and informal way, through experimenting and failing.

While being able to cook well will keep you from being hungry (and sometimes test the powers of your gym membership), it’s not always that you get payed for it.

If you’re good at cooking, and if it’s more than just your mother telling you this, then why not use your skills to earn money? You could still do what you enjoy, and you get payed as well.

If you’re interested, keep reading to find out our tips and ideas when it comes to how you can earn money through cooking.

Earning money through cooking; the most obvious way.

When we said earn money through cooking, we have no doubt that you had “chef” running through your head. And it should have been. Though we’ve heard cooking school isn’t easy, and neither are the initial few years of working in a professional kitchen, if you take you training seriously and push through those initial rough years, you can make good money as a professional Chef. Depending on the kind of place you work, you’ll be able to gain the experiences and make the business connections if your end goal is to be the chef of your own restaurant.

Passion For Cooking

Earning money through cooking; the less exhausting way.

If you felt that being a full time chef at a professional kitchen, even if it means running your own restaurant one day, is way too tiring; then we wouldn’t disagree. It’s not an easy job. Instead, you can join or begin a catering service. Wedding catering is highly paid for, and if you manage a few successful jobs, then you can build your reputation.

Working with wedding catering can be a little tough if you can’t handle stress. In this case, simply only cater for parties and private events.

Earning money through cooking; the least formal way.

So what if you want to earn money through your cooking, yet don’t want it to be a full time job. Opt for selling your food online. Yes, it will be quite similar to working with a catering service, but here, you can choose the times you work, and the quantity of cooking you do. You can cater only to very small groups, or only cook particular food—like deserts. This method works particularly well for mothers and housewives. It’s also something you can do besides your everyday job for a little extra money.

They say a good chef never stops learning…so keep learning, keep trying new recipes, and then try giving the end product a little advertising—money will follow!

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