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Ways Employees Cheat on Drug Tests According to Drug Testing Reviews

A lot of employers want to have a drug-free work environment because their reputations are at stake. As a result, they require drug tests to be conducted to their currently employed workers or to the people who want to join the company.

Drug abuse is a very important problem that employers need to address. If there are a lot of employees in a company who are using drugs, work productivity can be affected. Also, a lot of companies want to comply with the federal laws in the area which requires that all employees should be free from drug abuse. This can enable them to continue their business and avoid trouble with the feds.

However, there are a lot of employees who are occasional weed smokers. They smoke weed for a lot of reasons. Regardless of these reasons, they should still need to come out with negative drug test results because a positive one can affect their employment and they might not be eligible for job promotions in the future. Read more about drug testing in this link here.

2013 Survey Shows Employed Marijuana Users

In research that came from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in the year 2013, there were a lot of insightful data that were gained by researchers about people who are employed and who are recreational marijuana users. It says there that there are about 22 million people who are over 18 years old that use pot whenever they can. Out of these 22 million, about 15 million use employed in either a full-time job or a part-time job. This is a 69% rate of employees who are using drugs in the corporate world.

A lot of employees who are recreational marijuana users cheat on drug tests. They do everything they can in order to make sure that they are going to come out free from drugs. This is understandable if they are not addicts and the use of pot does not affect their job performances in the long run. However, it can be a lot of trouble if they are caught cheating on their drug tests. Below are some of the ways on how most employees cheat on their drug test results.

Common Ways Used by Employees to Cheat on their Drug Results

  1. Combine Urine with Water or Bleach

Diluting urine will make it obvious that you are cheating on your drug test. Some employees mix their sample with water to make dilute the urine. Others drink a lot of fluids and water before the test so that their urine will come out clear. According to sites such as Drug Testing Reviews, these are not very effective ways to pass your drug test. You can read more by visiting their sites and know more information about drug testing.

However, testers will notice this and will flag it. If you are trying to drink more fluids, you might be hiding something such as the presence of drug content in your body. There are employees who desperately want to diminish the drug levels in their bodies and they do it by drinking cranberry juice or orange juice.

Some of the laboratories won’t accept a sample that is too diluted. This is because most of these samples will come out negative most of the time. They will usually require the employee to submit another sample after a few days. In order to solve this problem, some testers are present when the employee collects their urine sample. Some of the labs remove their faucets in the comfort rooms where the urine samples are going to be collected in order to prevent people from cheating.

  1. Urine Sample Substitution

There are people who are attempting to change their results by submitting samples that did not come from them. They were able to use synthetic urine as well as liquid urine that generally belongs to someone else. There is a lot of urine available online such as animal urine that can give the right temperature during a drug test. They might be undetected because these samples have the same temperature as a fresh urine sample collected on normal circumstances. In order to make sure that the right temperatures are achieved, some of the employees hold the samples close to their bodies, use microwaves, or use other methods and devices to keep the urine sample warm.

  1. Adulteration of Samples

If the testers notice that a urine sample has been tampered with, they will classify it as an adulterated sample. Know more about adulterants in this site: This means that there might be chemicals added to the urine that will make the results come out as negative. There might be soap, dye, lye, eye drops, salt, or peroxide added to the urine.

There are laboratories that can detect the immediate presence of these chemicals so they will declare the specimen as invalid. If you have an adulterated sample, you might find yourself in trouble. However, a lot of labs do not detect some of the adulterants use by other employees such as isopropanol, Visinol, and a lot more.

  1. Delay the Drug Tests

This can be one of the most common tactics that employees use in order to come out clean. Some of them make up reasons that will avoid or delay their drug tests in order to make time for the drugs to clear out from their bodies. There are a lot of factors that can be taken into consideration here including their weight, their metabolism rate, height, and age. There are drugs that can hang on long enough even if the employee takes some diuretics before the drug tests. Depending on the test that is going to be administered, the presence of marijuana can still be detected even if weeks or months have already passed.

A Final Word about Employees Cheating on Drug Tests

If you are an occasional weed user, you should never attempt to do the things above. Employers already know about them. Laboratories can easily detect them nowadays. You can start today by stopping the use of weed, eating the right diet, exercising a lot, and drinking a lot of effective drinks that can get rid of the toxins inside your body. You can research the internet about other methods that can help you pass a drug test in no time.

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