March 5, 2019 at 5:43 am

What are the Health Risks of Self-medication?

Was there a time when you felt a certain kind of pain or discomfort and quickly grabbed a medicine from your first-aid kit and took it? We all had that moment and regularly as well. In fact, self-medication is a normal thing for all of us.

But do you know that self-medicating can also put yourself at risk? While it does work on most common problems like pain or headaches, some medicines actually make matters worse, and that’s because we’ve wrongly diagnosed ourselves.

Today, we’ll be learning about the health risks and negative impact of self-medicating.

Over the Counter Drugs

Over-the-counter drugs are the medicines you can buy without any prescription. Meanwhile, prescribed medicines require one, and you can never purchase them without showing the paper you got from your doctor.

For example, if you have a splitting headache, you can easily go to the nearest pharmacy and buy Ibuprofen without needing any prescription as it’s an over the counter drug. You can simply take it and wait for it to work.

Meanwhile, you can only buy Somatropin if you’re physician gives you a prescription for it.


But Ibuprofen isn’t the only type of medicine you can buy over the counter. There’s a whole lot of range of medicines you can buy without a prescription that can cure almost any kind of pain and discomfort you have. And we don’t really get anxious since it has worked countless times before.

This is known as self-medicating. We basically diagnose ourselves and then rely on over the counter medicines to work.

Problems with self-medicating

Taking these medicines don’t always have positive effects. Without proper consultation, you’ll never know the underlying cause of your persistent cough or why you’re head’s been aching for days.

Self-medicating can make your condition worse as you might be masking the symptoms of a different and more serious health issue. Thus, you’re delaying much needed and proper medication. The medicines you take may no longer work because they can’t cure the real cause of the problem.

There’s also the issue with not getting the dosage. Instead of taking 500 mg, you might only require 250 mg or that you should take the medicine every four hours instead of six. The wrong dosage won’t really be helpful when you’re trying to cure yourself.

Drug interaction is also a common issue when you try to diagnose yourself. Some drugs should never be taken with another drug. The drugs can react negatively when they interact making you feel even more sick and worse than you already are. Apart from other drugs, it can also react to foods, supplements and other medicines like when you buy Somatropin and use it.

self-medicating backfires

For example, if you’re drinking alcohol and took aspirin soon after, it can lead to bleeding of the stomach.

Lastly, you might be on the wrong track when you self-medicate. This means you might be taking your medicine wrong as you might need to put it under your tongue or chew it or any other method other than swallowing it. This could also affect how it will cure you.

Most of the time, drinking medicines without actually needing them can take a toll on your body.

Drug Addiction

There’s a huge chance of being drug dependent when you take over the counter drugs more often than you should. Addiction to various sorts of medicines such as stimulants, pain relievers, and anti-depressants are most common as these can produce the same effect as with illegal drugs especially when taking in large quantities.

Drug addiction remains to be one of the most serious implications of self-medicating.

It can take years before someone can fully give up on abusing drugs, but before they are able to get help, it’s possible their physical and mental health have been greatly affected.

How to Avoid These Risks?

It’s simple: always consult your doctor. Even when you want to change your vitamins, it’s always best to get the opinion of your physician.

The reason why is because they have to check you first. Diagnosing the real problem is essential so it can be treated properly.

For example, a cough may lead to infections like pneumonia. Drinking cough medicines isn’t enough to kill either the virus or bacteria that caused it – rather, you have to take a certain type of antibiotics to cure yourself.

There’s also a reason why some drugs are prescribed, and that’s because they are used to treat more serious health issues and the wrong usage can lead to severe physical problems. Follow the prescription of your doctor especially the dosage.

When you buy Somatropin and use it without supervision, you’re only endangering yourself and increasing the chances of getting diabetes or cancerous tumors.


Sadly, self-medicating has become the norm. People might be trying to avoid spending money by going to the doctor. Nevertheless, remember that by putting yourself at risk, you’re likely going to spend more and be in more pain and discomfort when self-medicating backfires.

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