July 15, 2016 at 5:25 am

5 Ways To Decorate Home For Christmas

The Christmas and New Year season is the jolliest time of the year. It’s the time when you finally get time off from work, get to meet family you haven’t seen in a while, and of course receive presents. Also, it’s the time of the year you finally get an excuse to decorate the house as gaudily as you want, also check this helpful wholesale travel set. So, here are several amazing home decorating ideas for the Christmas season:

1.     Hang Fairy Light Curtain

When it comes to Christmas, wholesale LED spot lights are the choice decoration for many. You may have had a fairy light string or two decorating parts of the roof or your front yard in the past. However, this Christmas, go all the way but hanging a fairy light curtain. That means you cover something, like your roof or a tree, entirely in fairy lights. If you are covering a tree, let some strings hang down like sparkly vines. This would look absolutely breathtaking at night.


2.     Sparklers on the Christmas Tree

Take your Christmas tree decorations up a notch by sticking sparklers in it. These will, of course, burn out quickly so only light them up when the guests are there are when you are taking photographs. Make sure that the sparklers don’t cause a fire or health hazard. Stick them up high and watch as they burn out. This is not a recommended decoration idea if you have children in the house.

3.     Don’t Leave the Ceiling Bare

When decorating, don’t forget the ceiling. You can hang decoration from the ceiling using supports or glue. You can hang mini stars or more fairy lights to make your living room unique and stunning. If you have a pet, hanging ceiling decorations can be a challenge. Dogs, and especially cats, might try to climb onto things to catch the hanging things.

4.     Light Up the Porch

Instead of decorating the roof or the front yard for the whole neighborhood tree, this Christmas also decorate your front porch with strings of colorful wholesale LED spot lights. Take a cue from Halloween, and hang up lanterns if you can get some (not Jack ‘o Lanterns though, obviously). Light up your front porch like a carnival so welcoming guests will be even more fun.

5.     Window Paint

Why not use some decorative window films to showcase your Christmas spirit even more vigorously. You can buy these for cheap on eBay. Special Christmas ones will be available close to December on seasonal sales.

Are you inspired now? Try one of the above to make your Christmas more captivating than ever.

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