March 1, 2017 at 8:13 am

Design Your Kitchen in a Beautiful and Un-Cluttered Way

The heart of every home is the kitchen. It’s where the breakfast, lunch, dinner is made, where cakes are baked, where all the cooking secrets of the family lies. The place from where the delicious food comes out that is loved by all the family members. When it comes to the renovation of the kitchen, people start worrying. The modular kitchens in Mumbai are somewhat different in design and functionality so, certain points should be kept in mind while designing or re-designing the kitchen.

Design Your Kitchen

Points to keep in mind while designing your kitchen

  1. A breakfast bar overhang: Modular kitchens in Mumbai with bar stools have now become a necessity. These bar stools are the best to divide living area from kitchen. This helps in maintain an open- living surrounding. But including breakfast bar without overhang in your kitchen is just waste. Overhang provides legroom for all those who love sitting on bar stools. A 12-19 inches overhang will make sure that the people are sitting comfortably.
  2. Close dishwasher and placement of the sink: If you want that the food doesn’t drip on the floor and creates grease then, try placing the dishwasher within the reach of the sink. This way the extra food of the plate can straight away go into the dishwasher. If dishwasher and sink are not together then, you have to go to the kitchen with the dirty water dripping from the plates.
  3. The location of the dustbin: The kitchen’s dustbin is not just used for packaging and food scraps, it’s also used for throwing the whole rubbish of the household, everyday. So, keeping this in mind one should place the dustbin in such a position that it can be easily accessed by the rest of the house.
  4. The location of the Dishwasher: Firstly, the dishwasher should be placed next to the sink. Secondly, see to it that it is installed next to a wall. This helps in limiting the access of the dishwasher. It also makes it difficult for packing and unpacking and accessing from one-side.
  5. Use Adequate of lighting: Kitchen is one place where there are chances of accidents and mis happenings taking place the most. Therefore, it is advisable that one puts lots of lights in their kitchen to brighten up their kitchen. More lighting also helps in making the kitchen space appearing much larger. One can use pendant lights, down lights, under-cabinet lights and Pendant lights. All these lights will help in illuminating the dark corners of your kitchen.
  6. Power points in the cupboards: These days it’s not about storing and keeping your appliances on the slabs, the new trend is of putting and hiding appliances like toasters, kettles etc inside the cupboard. The modular Kitchen Cabinets or cupboards, inside which these appliances are kept, have plug points installed so one can use the appliances on the go while they are stored.

Keep all these points in mind while you think of re-designing your kitchen again. Pluschliving provides you with the best modular kitchens in Mumbai. One can consult them and their professionals anytime they want to.


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