May 5, 2017 at 9:48 am

Give Pests Walking Papers After Moving Into New Home

The excitement that homeowners feel after moving into a new home can quickly turn to alarm when they notice that spiders, insects and rodents may be living rent-free in their new residence as well. There is no need for homeowners to put up with these freeloaders if they learn at http://www.home-remodelling.net some easy tips for keeping a home pest free.

One of the most effective pest control methods is eliminating excess moisture throughout a home. Water that accumulates in basements and attics from leaking pipes or excess humidity tends to attract rodents and insects, so make sure that any leaks from rain gutters, pipes and roofs are promptly repaired. When watering the lawn or outdoor vegetation, be sure not to overwater and avoid allowing water to pool or puddle anywhere which creates a natural magnet for mosquitos.

It’s easy for pests to enter a home with a quick hop, skip and a jump from trees and bushes that overhang or brush up against the house. It’s a good idea to trim back any vegetation next to your home by at least a few feet in order to prevent them from gaining easy access indoors. Avoid planting vegetation that produces fruit right next to your home or garage because rats, mice and insects will begin to view these areas as perfect picnic grounds.

Homeowners should also avoid having piles of leaves or other debris accumulate in and around the house as this biopolymerics.org provides a perfect nesting area for many pests. Firewood should be stored elevated from the ground and should be thoroughly checked before bringing inside to see if any pests are attached to individual logs.

Before winter arrives, make sure that there is effective weather stripping installed around all doors and windows to help eliminate tiny cracks where pests can crawl through when they are looking for a cozy place to hibernate. Also examine all of the home’s exterior walls to notice any cracks that should be sealed because they serve as open doors for uninvited vermin.

If your doors and windows don’t already have screens attached, consider installing them because they provide simple pest protection to prevent pests from entering your home every time a door or window is opened. Check at http://www.BuildGreenAtlantic.org to ensure that any areas of the house containing vents to improve air circulation are protected by screening to prevent birds and even small animals from gaining access to your home.

After purchasing flowers and plants and before bringing them into the house, leave them on the front or back porch for a quick visual inspection to ensure that there are no hitchhiking bugs or insects attached. It’s also important to inspect luggage brought in after a trip or any garage sale finds that could be harboring pests you don’t want living with you and your family. When disposing of your garbage, keep it stored in tight fitting containers prior to pick-up day to prevent insects from swarming around and small animals from chewing through the bags to get at leftovers. Use the services of a commercial exterminator if you continue to see evidence of invading pests despite all of your do-it-yourself pest control efforts.

This post was contributed by Pink Pest, who is an expert in pest control and termite control in Sydney area.


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