August 17, 2016 at 5:25 am

Say No to Burglars by Installing Advanced Security Doors and Window Frames

Windows are often the most favored entry point for burglars. Nevertheless, homeowners who install advanced security doors and window frames stand a better chance of keeping these crooks away. These modern home safety systems are made with robust screws and inaccessible mesh units that give them a vice-like clench on the frame’s edge. Any attempts by thieves to break in would be futile. Moreover, sturdy bolts have been driven into the material with massive torque, thus giving it an almost unbreakable effect.


Investing in sophisticated security doors and window frames is crucial in protecting not only your family but your property as well. Continue reading and know how you can be benefitted by such investment through the following reasons:

  1. This product is made from a high-grade glass that does not break easily even after the burglar hits it with a blunt tool. Several tests have been done to determine the robustness of its frames, on one of them the window was able to withstand 9 lbs steel-ball impact dropped from 30 ft above.
  2. The merchandise has also been tested and fully certified to international standards, also included is a 97% ultraviolet reflection coating that helps homeowners clearly see what is going on outside even at night.
  3. This has noise suppression potential of up to 41 dB, which translates to an impressive 87.5% reduction in amount of sound produced compared to standard windows which only generate 32 dB. This means that you can easily catch the burglar off-guard without being noticed; one can creep right to the window and the person standing outside would not be aware.
  4. Other discernible features of Crimsafe security products include:
  1. Drill protection. Burglars cannot burrow sharp devices into the entrances since they are made from bulletproof glass.
  2. Multichamber technology system which ensures total stability
  3. Installed with toughened steel screws for maximum durability
  4. Lockable handle
  5. Some versions contain traces of high-quality polyurethane foam which enhances their overall security standards.

The security glasses may also be fitted with alarm wires which can be used to alert the homeowner in case of any unwarranted break-in. Furthermore, the Crimsafe in Melbourne merchandise may be reinforced with aluminum frames that increase toughness. With these advanced systems, thieves would have a hard time entering your home.

Another plus is that the window edges are also made from a special material that cannot be ripped open by a knife. The fortified windows come in different shapes and sizes for people to choose from based on the design of their homes.

Despite all these amazing features the home intercom systems sydney frames are very affordable. Apart from burglars, these systems can also be used to keep pests and insects at bay. So start your investment today and be secured!

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