August 8, 2016 at 5:29 am

Scary Bug Bites Can Be Traumatizing

The name Bug itself gives us stinks and pricks on hearing the name. Bed bugs are even more traumatizing and can even take away your night’s sleep. These bugs’ favorite place is some dark place and they are so tiny that often they are left hidden in your house. They can hide on even the tiniest of crevices of the house. Why are these particular called Bed Bugs when they are found even on sofas and cushions? This is because these are very comfortable on a bed and are mainly nocturnal creatures enjoying the warm dark space. Red itchy bites in the morning may be experienced by many which can be devastating. Often bites near eyes can be painful and tedious. Hence eradicating and removing them from your house becomes as essential as drinking water.

Spraying can make you happy

Why is it considered that spraying becomes essentially important when so many eradication methods are available? The answer to this question is one. It is the easiest process of all and also gives the effective result used the required spray.


Any random spray cannot definitely make you happy from the bed bug stink. But yes of course if the correct product is picked from the correct store it can very well serve your purpose. There are two types of such sprays:

  • Pesticides for bed bugs
  • Nontoxic sprays

Both are equally effective to eradicate them even if not permanently, but definitely serve as a relief. The sprays are able to kill the bug hiding in the cracks of the houses. In fact, they also kill the eggs that are laid in the tiniest and tiniest of the corners of the house.

Only sprays cannot always be the resistance

These insects have become stubborn in the recent times and are found to grow a resistance to many pesticides for bed bugs. On research, it has been found that these insects seem to only get dizzy and lose its power in applying these pesticides and after a few hours it gets back to its original form. Thus, when inorganic or chemical repellents are failing, researchers have come down to use the organic ones. Diatomaceous earth is an excellent natural remedy for treating these bugs. They get killed and also get dehydrated, having fewer propensities to stay alive. Dehydration also damages the eggs, thus eradicating it. Not only bugs, but this diatomaceous earth is very much effective in fighting insects.

Even if home remedies tend to fail

Other than this another homely method that can be tried is by increasing the room temperature after the application of sprays or diatomaceous earth. This is because these bugs are absolutely unable to stay within high temperatures.

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