December 4, 2018 at 11:01 am

Fleet insurance – Policy to cover bulk vehicles

Fleet insurance is the policy that is deployed for covering three or more vehicles. This policy helps in handling easy insurance coverage. Whatever vehicle you need to get insured, you can get it under fleet insurance in easy steps. Fleet insurance covers can be applied for vehicles like cars, vans, motorbikes, HGV, LGV, trucks, taxis and many more. Thus fleet insurance is a one policy for various vehicles. This option can be helpful in managing and tracking for the insurance renewal and updates. Fleet insurance can be given for the combined mixture of vehicles.

Types of fleet insurance coverage

  • Comprehensive cover – Cover entire damage due to accident or any issue. Either the damage is caused by you or anyone other third party; this insurance coverage can give you the whole insurance without restriction. This type of insurance is mostly preferred as the increased level of protection.

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  • Third party, Fire and theft coverage – This is insurance that can be claimed against any third party damage towards other vehicle or property and damages caused to your vehicle due to any fire accident or theft.
  • Third party only coverage – This is the cheapest insurance coverage system. Here only the third party vehicle or property claims can be obtained. There is no protection for your own vehicle.

After choosing a type of fleet insurance, you have to choose policy with named or unnamed driver. When choose a policy with named driver, your vehicle when meet with accident should be driven by the same person. If you choose unnamed driver, then you will have higher insurance claims. Mostly, Fleet Insurance is chosen with unnamed driver of that state citizen. This is an easy to manage policy as said before and also this can be handled with various vehicles of any varieties. So, what next? You want to get a fleet insurance? Fine, you can choose from the type of fleet insurance available and move ahead for claiming insurance when necessary. Before checking for a insurance policy, make sure you get a quote. Whenever you wish to claim any insurance policy, it is advisable to proceed with getting quote and finalizing based on the price and advantage.

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