December 20, 2017 at 10:38 am

What Is the Value of a Restaurant Coldroom?

You may not have reason to visit it when dining at your favourite spot, but the restaurant’s coldroom plays a vital role in the life of the establishment. It is necessary for chilling and storing all kinds of ingredients that will eventually find their way on to your plate in peak condition. Without a coldroom, it would be very difficult for most restaurants to function.

Modern Design

Once cold rooms were large and tailored to deal with the demands of deliveries in bulk for huge commercial kitchens. However, the modern coldroom can be a lot more flexible, thanks to the evolution of modular design that can be constructed quickly and added as small extensions to the exterior of a building. This means a coldroom can be added to boost storage for chilled or frozen items at a reasonable cost. For example, a coldroom with four cubic metres of space that has a gross capacity of around 4,000 litres can be put together for few thousand pounds, and small chill rooms can be sourced for even less. Compared with what commercial refrigeration units cost, this gives you more cold storage for your money.

Other Advantages

Because you can walk in and out, it is easier to retrieve and move stock in a modern coldroom. Some space is given over to the walkway, but with efficient shelving and racking it is much easier to keep track of all your produce. When the kitchen is small, locating a coldroom outside makes sense too, and it can be customised to your particular needs.

There is also an art to organising refrigerated food that helps to prolong its freshness and taste and stop foods interacting that should not be stored in close proximity. For more tips on how to organise a refrigerator, see this report from The Telegraph.

If you are using refrigeration on a larger scale and want to update or look into new cold rooms for your business, it would make sense to consult experts in the field such as, who can give you helpful tips and advice.

Efficient modern coldrooms deliver great performance for the money. With the flexibility of the latest technology and designs, you can have a coldroom that exactly meets your specifications and gives the value of your business a boost.

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