June 25, 2019 at 12:39 pm

Different Types Mini Security Cameras

Nowadays, thanks to the increasingly fast technological advance; it is possible to find devices that help us reduce our sense of insecurity, many and varied are the objects that can camouflage a wireless outdoor security camera; and for decades these devices are getting smaller and smaller.

Fortunately these devices are very close to your reach. The security shop specializing in security devices, espionage and counterintelligence can get the best and most varied range of these devices. Here we will provide you with the latest advances in mini security cameras so that you can record what happens with your children when they are under the care of the nanny, or if you want to verify that in the office everything goes correctly with your employees, to monitor your couple if you suspect infidelity. No matter what your requirements there is a mini security camera perfect for you and the most important aspect is that no one can suspect that it is being recorded.

Mini Security Cameras with Night Vision

Let’s start with the Mini security camera with night vision is the smallest, measures just 2 cm, and has invisible infrared LEDs and a lens of 12 megapixels. Being the perfect choice for a covert surveillance. It has an integrated microphone and allows recording in HD without being prevented from the place or situation is well lit and even in total darkness.

Mini Full HD security camera with flexible lens 22 Cm

If you are looking for a Mini Security Camera that has a flexible lens that allows the orientation of the recording plane to a desired location; such as supermarkets, shoe stores, clothing stores and where you need to expand the scope to avoid theft of items. It will record directed towards the desired place without the slightest problem, can record audio, capture photographs in continuous mode and can even be controlled remotely which facilitates its use in adverse situations.

Mini Security Camera Full HD

When you need audio and video to be incorporated you can purchase the Mini Full HD security camera, with it you can record videos with a surprising quality in full HD resolution and it is due to its 12 megapixel lens and thanks to its integrated microphone it provides a crystalline audio system that allows the capture of even the smallest detail of sound. Thanks to its dimensions and qualities this is perfect to place it almost anywhere and will offer incomparable quality audio and video recordings.

Mini security camera double lens 24 hours autonomy

With the Mini Security Camera double lens 24 hours of autonomy, record and display at the same time. It has more than 24 hours of autonomy and motion detection being ideal for the monitoring of vehicles in a garage; for example. It has a comfortable remote control with which at the press of a button the camera will start recording automatically.

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