July 12, 2017 at 6:31 am

Hidden Advantages of Owning a Ceiling Fan | Must Read

Ceiling fans are one of the most undermined appliances often neglected while considering the major home appliances. Ceiling fans are considered as secondary cooling appliances and never really get the appreciation they deserve. Rather than just the cooling benefits there is big list of benefits both in terms of fashion and function that we acquire when we incorporate fans into our homes.

Here we are unveiling a complete list of the benefits offered by the Best Ceiling Fans price in India which will land you in a position to Compare Best Ceiling Fans and purchase one for yourself.

Low energy consumption

This might skip our consideration but it is true that the ceiling fans can save a major chunk of energy and lower our power bill by a significant percentage of about 30-40%. The fans don’t really lower down the temperature of the room like the other cooling appliances do; it’s just the draft that makes the room feel cooler making you feel comfortable.

Adds charm to the room

Times have changed and so have the fans, now they are not restricted to those simple and bland brown or white designs that bring down the charm of the setting they are placed in. Now you can find fans available in a variety of versatile and elegant designs, sizes and styles which perfectly complements the interior of your room. Fans are like the stylish accessory that you can place in any kind of setting to jazz up the area as well as seep the cooling benefits.

Suitable for all settings

Ceiling fans are such versatile appliances that they perfectly set into any kind of environment they are placed in. The diverse range of designs, sizes and blade counts gives us the liberty to choose the most suitable fan for different kinds of rooms like the living room, bedroom etc. The size of the fan can be chosen on the basis of the size of the room and the amount of people using that room. The more the blades the more efficient and powerful the fan is. Using fans all around the house reduces the need of any other cooling device hence reducing the energy consumption leading to lower power bills.

Provide beautiful illumination

Ceiling fans are now available in light fitted designs which serve the dual purpose of a ceiling fan and a light saving some extra pennies that would otherwise have been spent in the separate installation of both. Ceiling fans with built in lights give illumination benefits. These fans are aesthetically pleasing spicing up the place they are placed in. You can also install a fan light kit if the light is not built in your fan; just keep in mind to choose a light kit that perfectly coordinates with the appliances and fixtures in the other areas of the room.

Have year round value

Ceiling fans are appliances that are associated with the warmer months of the year. They are known for their cooling purpose during the summer season. But not all of you know that the ceiling fans can also be used to circulate warm air during the cooler months of the year. You just need run the blades in a clockwise direction to push warm air down. However this function is only possible in the fans that are equipped with a reversible motor.

These were some of the hidden advantages of owning a ceiling fan which were always there but might have skipped your consideration. It’s to grab the Best Ceiling Fans at Lowest Price of Ceiling Fans in India.


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