July 9, 2019 at 7:44 am

Tips for choosing the right caster

When buying a caster, you need to take a lot of things into consideration. All casters are not equal and differ from one another. You need to choose the caster depending on the kind of loads which you are going to handle. there is no fixed choice. You need to choose based on your requirements and material handling. There are various types of the caster which you can choose. One of the popular ones are the pneumatic casters. However, if you are not sure about the choice of the caster which you need, you can check out the following factors while choosing the right caster.


The productivity of the equipment is affected by the wheels and caster. A proper caster will ensure maximum productivity, minimizes the cost in the long term and provides a great investment return. Bearings in a wheel affect its production.Tires and bearings of low grade can affect the performance when trying to adapt to heavier loads. All these would add to more maintenance cost.

pneumatic casters

Capacity The capacity of a caster is an important factor but selection should not be made based on only this factor. The test for capacity is done on smooth floors with a speed of below 3 mph ad manually operated under ideal conditions. This condition is never going to be ideal for you. So,  select a caster which has a capacity higher than your requirement. The capacity ratings are an idea of what the caster can carry without failure and this completely depends on the use of the caster. Excessive temperature and contamination can reduce the capacity resulting in reduced performance.


The load which you carry have to be moved and this will be better in case of large caster or wheel. The caster made of molded rubber is not easy for rolling. On the other hand, polyurethane and “hard tread” caster causes easy rolling if the load is not exceeded and the floors are smooth. For the caster to roll properly, choose the largest wheel diameter with the hardest caster material.

Floor Protection

Floors can be expensive to repair and replace. Choosing poor floor damage caster equipment can reduce productivity along with causing further damage. So, select the caster which has soft rubber thread that is completely floor and cargo protective. Most people think that polyurethane is floor protective but they are only capable of some tire deflection producing less noise.


Make sure you consider these factors while choosing the right caster for yourself.

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