April 16, 2016 at 1:21 pm

Guidelines On Choosing Running Shoes Based On Your Feet Type

Choosing the right pair of running shoes is extremely important so that you can get the most out of your running. A pair of shoes not only protects your feet and prevents you from getting injured, but also make you feel comfortable while running. In order for choosing the right pair of shoes, you need to find out the type of your feet and the number of miles you run every day or week. Of course, you must also take the surface type of the trail into account while choosing the running shoes. Most of the running shoes make you feel more comfortable while trying at the shoe store but you will realize the exact comfort only after running several miles. You must understand that the ideal shoe is not determined based on the logo it bears. Rather, it depends on your running style and your foot type. A pair of typical running shoes must last around 500 miles of running. Basically, the feet are classified into three types and they include normal feet, flat feet and high arched feet. If you are looking to purchase the shoes based on your feet type, then simply click here to find a pair of shoes for you.

4Types of feet and appropriate shoes:

Flat feet: If you don’t find any arch at the bottom of your feet, then you have flat feet. People with flat feet overpronate meaning that their feel roll inward while running. The best shoe type which suits your feet is a pair of running shoes which are labeled as Stability or Motion Control shoes. These shoes are known for maintaining your stability.

Neutral feet: If you have neutral feet, then your footprint will have a noticeable curve that turns inwards. You will find most people with this kind of feet. You would be very lucky if you have this kind of feet as you will not get any injuries while running with the right shoes. You have to avoid shoes labeled as motion control or stability.

High arched feet: If the bottom of your feet has distinctive, high arch, then you have high arched feet. People with this feet type tend to underpronote, which means that their feet roll outwards. You can choose the pair of running shoes which are flexible enough and are designed for absorbing shock. People with this feet type can buy shoes which are labeled as Flexible or Cushioned.

As different types of running shoes are available for every feet type, you must determine your feet before buying. To find the best running shoes for you click here.

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