November 24, 2017 at 5:19 am

How Golf Is A Game Of the Classes- Robert Mims CPA Gives A Discourse Of It

Ask any family about their family about their favorite family outing this summer, hardly will you find the mention of the name Golf. How often do you find Golf enthusiasts when compared to other sports like Cricket, Football or even basketball? Not many, because the young to find any involvement in it, and hence the future of the game is endangered. Those who have been an avid follower and love the game in the true sense like Robert Mims CPA are definitely worried about it and look for the reasons behind this.

One of the major reasons that he points out in the game losing its popularity is the declining middle class. Anyone who is slightly aware of the game knows that the entry to the game is costly and hence it is the association with the elite class that makes the game of Golf much more interesting. So it is quite obvious that attending the college football games is much more preferable than attending Golf.

Robert Mims CPA

But a Golfer who is passionate about the sport is beyond all these confusions and dedicates himself to mastering the skills. Just like any game has its hacks, Golf has its own as well. So let’s take a note of some of the easy tricks that might help in getting a better hand at the game.

Most of the amateurs start learning the game with mistakes, and the first one is improper alignment. While some think that its the alignment with their feet that makes sense, the others believe it is the shoulder. Whatever it be, all of them are wrong. The correct way to find some alignment is to assess the target from behind the ball so that the perspective of the hole is cleared and even the aim can be done better. And it must be done before taking the stance and not after.

So while the club alignment has been taken care of, the next thing to bring in alignment is the rest of the body. Most of the players who are into regular practice claim that they get most of the benefit by aligning the lower part of the body left and the upper part parallel to the target line. The more you can swing your arms the better is the final result of experimentation. But aligning the club rightly is the first thing to do.

What Robert Mims CPA rightly points out is in order to get these training, an individual needs to get into a training class which is not only costly but also not widely available in all places. Also, the entire kit is damn costly and people cannot afford it quite easily. The more a game gets restricted to a class, the lesser is its acceptability. Finding popularity isn’t that easy at all, and a constant evolution is necessary for which getting it for the mass is necessary. The entire scope of the game isn’t gone yet, and it can still revive the lost market.

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