January 5, 2018 at 5:40 am

How to choose a field hockey position

Hockey is a great game that has several different types of positions that will suit players of varying skills and discipline. Knowing what the positions entail will go a long way to helping you decide where you should be on the field. These are the different positions that new players can choose between:


The offensive line in field hockey, forwards have one main job, and that is to score goals. They have very little defensive responsibility and would be the ones responsible for putting a team through to the World Cup or simply winning a game – A centre-forward may also be referred to as a striker, as this is what they do; they take quick shots at the goal and aim to score as often as possible.


The defence is a very important line on the field, but it is often a job that goes without glory. There are usually three defenders on the defensive line and they play left, right and centre. Their jobs are to guard the goal, clear the ball in their zone and to offer support to one another. Defenders stop the other team getting the ball back into their possession, and are key to keeping the ball in play on their side.


In hockey, the midfield line has the most versatile players of all. These players have to spend hours watching field hockey training drills video such as those available at, in order to ensure they can meet the demands of the game. There are usually three midfielders on the field, on the right, left and centre, and each works as a distributor, getting the ball to where it needs to go without it being intercepted.


Possibly the most crucial position in the team, but also the hardest, the goalie needs a totally different skill set to the others on the field. Goalies use their whole body to stop the ball and they need to be relatively fearless in facing the opponent. The goalie also wears the most kit as they are the last line of defence and need to be protected well against flying balls that are heading towards the goal mouth. Lightning quick reaction times and the ability to know which way a ball will go are both skills goalies need.

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