January 30, 2019 at 7:55 am

Benefits of digital marketing in comparison with traditional marketing strategies

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is the normal way of marketing. It is been used by marketers for a long time as it is their primary methods of marketing and advertisements. The traditional marketing consists of:-

  1. Ads on the Television.
  2. Articles in the Newspaper.
  3. Advertisement on Radio.
  4. Flyers and billboards in the famous places
  5. Ads in magazines.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the mode of marketing in which advertising delivered through digital channels like search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. As we know that these things cover a wide range of marketing activities so few are mentioned below:-

Digital marketing has following platforms:-

  1. Social media
  2. Business networking sites
  3. Promotional ads via emails.
  4. Paid pop-ups.
  5. Blogs
  6. Clickbait links for viral content.

We can say that the online marketing is more demanding than traditional marketing.

Amazing Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing was in existence because there was no way of digital marketing. The traditional marketing also has benefits over digital marketing. But if we look the brighter side then the digital marketing is more beneficial than traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is more costly

Newspaper ads, television ads, and billboards cost a lot. While on the other hand when we go with the online advertising then it is in your budget. Digital marketing is something that even small businessman can afford it and advertise it in the market that will help him to gain more publicity.

Digital marketing gives you the real-time result.

If you are doing an advertisement with the help of traditional marketing then you have to wait for weeks and sometimes even for months. The Online marketing will give you instant results over the traditional marketing. Your brand will get a lot of publicity in some time.

Digital marketing will help to develop a brand.

Digital marketing will give a great rise to your brand as their source is not limited to the traditional marketing. Traditional marketing has limited space and frequency of advertisements but digital marketing has a lot of sources so that it is able to explore your brand.

The brand will get a higher exposure with the help of digital marketing.

If you think that an ad on the television or an advertisement in every newspaper will cover the majority of the population then you are wrong. This is only because any means of traditional advertisement is very limited. As well everyone will not aware of your advertisement. While online advertisement will cover a huge population so that everyone will be aware of your brands. If you are to increase your brand value and want to learn digital marketing from top digital marketing training institutes in Delhi then this is the right time.

Higher engagement

Actually, you cannot interact with your target audience in the mode of traditional marketing. Also, you need to wait out for the responses in traditional marketing. This way of marketing is a quite long and tedious process. On the other hand, digital marketing will attract more audience in real time. You can directly discuss with your clients and discuss a lot about your brand or Company. The digital marketing is more efficient than traditional marketing.

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