June 7, 2019 at 7:51 am

Features needed for a good proxy server

While considering a proxy server, there are endless options in the online market. Some of the proxies are free and some are charged. The online users are highly puzzled in choosing the one out of these over whelming proxies in the online market. However, they can come to a better conclusion by expecting certain features from the proxy servers. Some of the basic features which are needed for a good proxy server are revealed here. This would be the best guidance for the people who are choosing their first proxy server.

Unlimited access

Obviously the online users will not prefer the limited access while accessing the online websites. Especially they need unlimited access over the websites like Youtube. In such case, they must choose the proxy server which tends to provide unlimited access over the video websites and other social media websites. The features of the proxy should be read carefully in order to know about these factors.

proxy server


Today people are highly interested in sharing information with their friends. In such case, the proxy should provide the option of sharing the proxy link with their friends. Obviously such kind of proxies will be more reliable than they sound to be.

Free proxies

There are some reputed proxies like Hide me whose basic version is completely free. In order to know about the efficiency of the proxy one can make use of the basic version. And in case if they are satisfied with the proxy they can move for the paid version.

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